Hawaii Motors design competition

Hawaii Motors design competition

Hawaii Motors Challenge is the sixth design competition organized by Local Motors. Participants are asked to create a sketches of concept car inspired by Hawaiian Koa Warriors. The deadline is next 21 October.

The Hawaii Motors Challenge, will start tomorrow (Wednesday, October 15th). The task of this one-week sketch competition is to create a car which embodies the spirit of the Hawaiian Koa Warriors; "A car for the islands, built in the islands."

There are limited restrictions in terms of body style passenger capacity and functions of the vehicle: each design is required to seat 2-6 passengers. Participants must submit sketches of their vehicle in three views, including a side view. 

The submission deadline is Tuesday, October 21 at 23:59pm (-4GMT). The prizes are $1,500, $300, and $200 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. 

For more information visit the competition page on Local Motors’ website.

From the official Press Release:

Hawaiian Koa Warriors (source: Mythic Hawaii)

The inspiration of the Koa Warriors lies in their characteristics, the root of their existence and prestige.  These warriors are described as powerful, royal, confident, close to nature, fierce, agile, proud and disciplined.  Koa warriors are legendary, and this competition is a tribute to their culture and their land, Hawaii.

The brief – background

Today, modern Hawai’i is a proud and vibrant culture of 1.5 million islanders who are connected by over 1,100 miles of highways and many thousands of miles of smaller roads. While the design of Hawaiian ships and canoes and the islands have been inextricably linked.

Cars and Hawai’i have for a long time had a detached relationship as the island nation, devoid of any of its own manufacturing and far from the marketing studies of the larger car manufacturers, has merely received a hodge-podge smattering of the model lines that the OEMs have produced.

Though many companies have used the islands in their advertising campaigns, not one manufacturer has produced a car with Hawai’i specifically in mind. Because of the great distance to transport the finished inventory, Hawaii has typically received new model introductions in a delayed fashion and everything automotive is usually sold at a several thousand $$ premium.

(Source: Local Motors)

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