Lamborghini Estoque Concept

Concept Cars 7 Oct 2008
Lamborghini Estoque Concept

At the Paris Motor Show Lamborghini has revealed the Estoque Concept, the first foor-door vehicle in the brand’s history. The front mid-engine layout is combined with a design characterized by a reduced height, long wheelbase and sharp surfaces.

Lamborghini Estoque ConceptThe design of the Estoque adopts all the styling cues from the brand’s formal language – as seen on the Reventón: the long wheelbase, the low profile, the broad track, the mighty, accentuated wheels (22 inches at the front and 23 inches at the rear), the clean surfaces and razor-sharp definition.

The Estoque is the first four-door sedan in the history of Automobili Lamborghini.

According to the carmaker, “As a concept, the Lamborghini Estoque represents one of several possibilities for a third model series within the Lamborghini product line-up. At this point in time, no decisions have been taken in respect of either a third model series of any kind or of the Estoque concept in particular.”

Lamborghini Estoque Concept - Side viewAs in the brand’s tradition, the name comes from the heritage from the Spanish Corrida – bull fighting. The Estoque is a rapier (sword), approximately 90 centimetres (35.43 inches) long, used in a bull fight by the Matador.

Technical highlights of the Estoque include a front mid-engine, permanent all-wheel drive and a
sophisticated, precision-tuned chassis.

A range of drivelines is conceivable for the Estoque, from the 10 cylinder that equips the Gallardo LP 560-4 to a turbocharged eight-cylinder derived
from this V10.

A particularly economical, but nevertheless dynamic, variation would be a V8 with a hybrid module or an extremely high-performance TDI.

Lamborghini Estoque Concept - Design Sketch Lamborghini Estoque Concept - Design Sketch
Lamborghini Estoque – design sketches (Source: via

From the official Press Release:


Lamborghini Estoque Concept 02The proportions of the Lamborghini Estoque are quite unique: it is 5.15 meters (16.89 feet) long and 1.99
meters (6.53 feet) wide, with a height of only 1.35 metres (4.43 feet).

The wheelbase is a stately 3.01 meters (9.88 feet) – an equally important element of elegant vehicle architecture.

And it is unequivocally Italian – the flat hood, the long wheelbase, the narrow window openings, the flat rear that ends decisively with a negative return; everything bears the design language of the large classic Italian four-door cars, with a modern interpretation.

The front end of the Estoque is characterized by the swooping V-shape, its two large air intakes pulled forward and the small front spoiler in between.

This design gives the Estoque a firm, low stance, while providing aerodynamic efficiency. The large air intakes facilitate the cooling air and the spoiler was specifically designed to improve aerodynamic balance at high speeds.

Lamborghini Estoque Concept 05 Lamborghini Estoque Concept 06 Lamborghini Estoque Concept 07

Such distinctive architecture is only possible by positioning the front mid-engine well towards the rear. Despite the very low hood, the Estoque fulfils all safety regulations and pedestrian protection standards.

The location of the engine is clearly evident through the distinct division created by two large air outlets and the additional emphasis of a central power area.

Lamborghini Estoque Concept - Side detail Lamborghini Estoque Concept - Tailpipes

Further air outlets are positioned both left and right in the wings, behind each of the front wheel arches.

Together, with the division of the hood, these elements add emphasis to the area above the wheels, framing the front end of the Estoque like a taut muscle.

The 22 inch front wheels have a new five double-spoke design that facilitates the flowing of cooling air.

The Lamborghini Estoque debuts at the Paris Motor Show The Lamborghini Estoque debuts at the Paris Motor Show

The skilled sectioning along the flanks of the vehicle gives the body shell a muscular form. Beneath the flat surfaces of the hood, the incredibly powerful shoulder line, a further side line rising slightly towards the rear and, finally, the equally distinct sill line all add emphasis to the flow of power from the engine to the 23 inch rear wheels.

The masculine profile is completed by the negative return of the rear end. This adds further tension to the form of the Estoque – the whole car looks coiled and ready to pounce at the drop of a hat. These sharp lines frame a fascinating interplay of surfaces across convex and concave curvatures. The Estoque clearly displays the design language of the Centro Stile Lamborghini with a distinctive elegance.

The flow of form is brought to its conclusion by the broad, even expanse of the rear end. The horizontal split created by the flat LED light clusters and the large, mesh-covered lower air outlets bring additional emphasis to this breadth.

A narrow, slightly slanted “frame” panel surrounds the whole rear aspect and further highlights its powerful elegance.

Precise details, such as the hexagonal fuel caps on both sides of the vehicle, characterize the depth of the design language. The front headlamps, featuring bi-Xenon and LED technology, carry forward a theme evident in both the Reventón and the Gallardo LP 560-4 – the Y-shape of the daytime running lights.

The tiny green/white/red flag adorning the front wings discreetly highlights the ‘Italianity’ of the car.

Interior Design

The interior has four individual sports seats which offer long-distance comfort and extensive electrical positioning options. Thanks to the 3-meters long wheelbase it is quite spacious despite the extremely low profile- it is 1.35 meters (4.43 feet) high.

The length of the interior facilitates a relaxed seating position for all four seats and plays a significant role
in the comfort over long distances.

The interior reflects elements of the exterior design language, also evident in the cabin of the Estoque – in the distinctive lines of the door panels or in the swooping V-shape applied to the cockpit, reflecting the form used on the front end and on the hood.

The dominant material of the interior is highest-quality Nappa leather.

The cockpit presents the driver with a large-area LCD screen displaying vehicle and route information. A range of presentation formats are available for selection depending on personal preference – a distinctive classical layout with circular instrument dials, or an innovative digital display.

A top-class audio installation and a sophisticated rear seat entertainment system round off the equipment.

Centro Stile Lamborghini

The Estoque was created by the Centro Stile Lamborghini, that opened in 2004. It is a studio of creatives, designers and model makers that combines the culture and the spirit of the brand with the power of innovation and of creating a new aesthetic.

The Centro Stile is located in a 2,900 sq. meter (31,215 sq. feet) facility, where it occupies two interconnected floors. The generously proportioned design studio is equipped with two full-size surface tables and their associated tooling and measuring equipment, while further areas house the latest in computer workstations for the creative experts and a workshop for the model makers.

The Centro Stile is also connected directly to the neighbouring Ufficio Tecnico – the direct link to Lamborghini’s development department ensures the rapid realization of ideas. Speed is a key aspect for Lamborghini: the Reventón was created in the record time of less than one year.

From the first sketches made either on paper or using the three-dimensional computer program, through 1:10 or 1:4 scale models to full-size models, the complete design process is organized within small, fast-moving teams.

“The design centre on the site of the historical birthplace of all Lamborghinis guarantees the super sports cars with the bull brand will remain exclusive, sensual and challenging – and always unmistakably Italian.”

(Source: Lamborghini)

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