BMW X1 Concept

Concept Cars 6 Oct 2008
BMW X1 Concept

The BMW X1 Concept gives a clear indication of the upcoming production model, which will be launched within one year. The relatively compact dimensions are combined with a bold and dynamic look and with the typical design language of the X models.

BMW X1 Concept Design Sketch 04Among the main design element of the X1 Concept are the design of the hood, characterized by six contour lines, the three-dimensional
surrounds of the headlights and the L-shaped rear light clusters.

The robust nature of the car is highlighted by styling cues such as the black body surrounds – made of synthetic material, the almost
square contours of the wheel cutouts and the underfloor protection finished in silver paintwork which accentuates the car’s width.

Exterior Design

Measuring 4,457 millimetres in length, the BMW Concept X1 is
108 millimetres shorter than the BMW X3.

BMW X1 Concept Design Sketch 05 BMW X1 Concept Design Sketch 02

BMW X1 Concept 01Thanks to the 2,760 mm wheelbase, the general proportions, the four doors and a large tailgate, the X1
Concept offers its passengers a high amount of space.

The Meridian Gold Metallic paintwork colour accentuates the youthful
and dynamic look of the Concept Car, and creates an effective play of light.

The 19-inch light-alloy rims feature a new ten-spoke design – another typical styling element of of BMW’s X models.


BMW X1 Concept 03“The front end, the side and rear merge
smoothly into one another, their various surfaces forming one whole and striking lines creating a smooth and flowing link between the individual elements of the body.”

Design features typical of the X mdoel line-up include the kidney grille, dual round
headlights cut off at the top, the large, almost square wheel cutouts, the black
stretching around the lower section of the vehicle, the distinctive contour
line along the side and the horizontal lines at the rear.

The upright BMW kidney grille has extra-wide bars positioned far apart
from one another, thus symbolising
the robust nature of the vehicle.

BMW X1 Concept 07Through their sharply cut “eyelids”, the dual round headlights have white-coloured horizontal covers at the top.

Yet another new design feature is the three-dimensional surrounds
on the headlights.

The foglamps are positioned
far to the outside, just above the air intake scoop.

The robust character of the BMW Concept X1 is emphasised by the
car’s underfloor protection, which spots a silver paintwork.

The front
frame around this protection element forms the lower surround on the air

Together with another silver crossbar extending across the entire width of
the air intake, this forms two contrasting horizontal lines giving the vehicle an
even more powerful and wider look.

BMW X1 Concept 08The surface design of the powerfully contoured engine lid is characterised by
six striking contour lines moving towards one another in a V-shape at the
front of the vehicle.

The two inner lines lead to the BMW kidney grille where
they almost meet , while the two outer contour lines extend in the
opposite direction from the front end of the engine compartment lid all the
way to the side section of the vehicle where they continue into the shoulder
lines extending all the way to the back.

This particular flow of lines
emphasises the sculptural design connecting all
body elements with one another.

Side view

BMW X1 Concept - Side viewThe silhouette is sleek and stretchedout,
giving the entire vehicle a sporting and agile look. At the same
time the raked tailgate adds a coupé-like appearance.

Here the typical design elements of the X series include the short front body overhang, the waistline slightly lower around
the A-pillars, the large wheel arches with their almost square contours and
the black plastic protection panels on the lower level of the body.

Another characteristic highlight is the visibly low centre of gravity.

earing clear reference on the BMW X models to the harmonious interaction in conveying the power of the engine to the road.

BMW X1 Concept 05The connection between the front and rear wheels is highlighted by a crease line on
the lower edge of the plastic frame running along the entire length of the sidesills
fi nished in silver.

The dynamic, surface modelling of this element
provides an interplay of light and shade, accentuating the
robust character of the vehicle.

The surrounds on the side windows have a three-dimensional
look which matches with the design of the
headlights and rear lights.

The dynamic contours of the
window graphics include the contour-swing at the bottom of the D-pillars
well known as the “Hofmeister kick”.

BMW X1 Concept Rendering 02The side view also offers an interplay of concave and
convex surfaces between the characteristic lines.

The shoulder line extends out of the
engine compartment lid and flows along the side of the car emphasising
its dynamic character.

“This character line starts around the direction indicator at the side, initially
moving down slightly and then striving upwards first quite moderately
and then with increasing dynamism before tapering out in the rear door.”

It ends exactly at the window
surround on the window graphics with its “Hofmeister kick”, thus creating the
impression of one complete contour extending over the entire side view
of the vehicle.

BMW X1 Concept 02Both the robust character and the
functionality are highlighted by sturdy roof railing extending far back to the rear and ending in the air flow

Finished in Liquid Silver, the roof railing is indeed yet another feature
emphasising the refi ned look and premium character of the entire vehicle.

newly designed, 19-inches twin-colour wheels feature narrow spokes twisted slightly to the outside, while the rim bars are cut off at the
front and are finished in polished aluminium.

The side flanks and the rim hump are fi ished in Dark Grey to provide
a sporting contrast.

Rear end

BMW X1 Concept 04Like the front view, the rear view is
characterised by the underfloor protection finished in silver.

The rear frame
of the broad protection element creates a contrasting colour highlight also
at this point, again emphasising the width of the vehicle.

The rear light clusters – moved far to the outside into the
rear side panels – have the BMW’s
characteristic L-contours which are clearly showcased also at night.

This unique night design is further highlighted by the fluorescent, red-glowing rows of lights fed by LED light

These rows of lights continues
all round into the side of the vehicle where the lights move up slightly, thus emphasising the L-shaped contours of the light clusters.

BMW X1 Concept 06 BMW X1 Concept 09

Design Process – Image Gallery

Richard Kim sketching the BMW X1 Concept BMW X1 Concept Design Sketch by Richard Kim
Exterior designer Richard Kim BMW Concept X1 - CAS/CAD
BMW X1 Concept Tape Drawing 01 BMW X1 Concept Tape Drawing 02 Richard Kim (exterior designer) and design engineer
BMW Concept X1 - clay modelling Anders Warming, BMW Cars Head of exterior design BMW Concept X1 - clay modeling
BMW X1 Concept Clay Model 04 BMW Concept X1 - clay modelling BMW Concept X1 - clay modeling
BMW Concept X1 - clay modeling BMW X1 Concept Clay Model 08 BMW Concept X1 - clay modeling
BMW X1 Concept Clay Model 10 BMW Concept X1 - clay modeling BMW Concept X1 - clay modeling
BMW Concept X1 - clay modeling BMW X1 Concept Clay Model 14 BMW X1 Concept Clay Model 15
BMW X1 Concept Model Construction 49837 BMW X1 Concept Model Construction 49838 BMW X1 Concept Model Construction 49839
BMW X1 Concept Design Viewing BMW X1 Concept - Paint Samples

(Source: Bmw)

Image Gallery

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