Mazda Kiyora Concept

Concept Cars 2 Oct 2008
Mazda Kiyora Concept

The official images and information on the Mazda Kiyora Concept, the small eco-friendly city car designed by Mazda Motor Europe. Among the features are the compact coupé look, a 1.3 liter direct-injection engine and a lightweight carbon-fibre body structure.

Mazda Kiyora ConceptFirst previewed back in September, the Mazda Kiyora (meaning ‘clean and pure’ in Japanese) is debuting at the 2008 Paris International Motor Show.

It gives indications about the future direction for the brand’s models, which will be based on the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom plan, aimed at combining driving pleasure with environmental and safety performance, with a 30 percent improvement in fuel economy in the near future.

The Kiyora achieves this by employing an extremely rigid and lightweight carbon-fibre body structure beneath a small, aerodynamic outer skin and a small-displacement 1.3-liter direct-injection engine.

Mazda Kiyora also features an an all-new platform designed to maximize weight reduction and a high level of safety, the Smart Idle Stop System (SISS) and a new six-speed automatic transmission with direct feel and fuel efficiency similar to that of a manual. With these technologies, the Mazda Kiyora concept would produce CO2 emissions of under 90g/km.

Mazda Kiyora Concept Mazda Kiyora Concept


Mazda Kiyora ConceptThe DISI (direct injection spark ignition) engine’s efficiency is increased by a combination of advanced dual sequential-valvetiming (S-VT), variable-valve timing and lift mechanism, and optimal valve control.

In stop and go urban traffic conditions, Mazda’s newly developed Smart Idle Stop System (SISS) would save fuel by automatically shutting down the engine when the vehicle is stationary, and achieves a quick and quiet restart for stress free driving.

The system injects a small amount of fuel directly into the engine’s cylinders and ignites it to generate downward piston force which, with the aid of an electric motor, rapidly returns the engine to idle speed.

Mazda Kiyora ConceptEmissions would be among the lowest thanks to a new catalyst that more effectively removes harmful exhaust materials by employing single-nanotechnology to control catalyst particles that are smaller even than those controlled by conventional nanotechnology.

Combined with reduced weight and improved aerodynamics, these insightful technologies would result in CO 2 emissions of 90g/km or less.

Mazda Kiyora Concept – Technical Specifications

Body type                                                                                      Three-door hatchback
Dimensions                                Overall length                                   3,770 mm
                                                       Overall width                                    1,685 mm
                                                      Overall height                                   1,350 mm
                                                        Wheelbase                                      2,495 mm
                                                           Seating                                             2 + 2
Engine                                                 Type                     Next generation MZR 1.3-litre DISI*
                                                                                              petrol with smart idle stop system
Transmission                                      Type                           Next-generation 6-speed AT
                                                                                                           with manual shift
Suspension (Front/Rear)                 Type                        MacPherson strut/Torsion beam
Tires                                                     Type                                          215/45 R18

* DISI: direct injection spark ignition

(Source: Mazda)

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