Stile Italiano Giovani 2008: the winners

Stile Italiano Giovani 2008: the winners

Anfia Italian Car Coachbuilders Group has announced the results of its Stile Italiano Giovani 2008 design competition. The first three prizes were won by Italian Adriano Stellino, Spanish Luis Camino and Indian Shashwath Bolar.

The competition, announced back in May 2008, is organized by ANFIA (Association of the Automotive Industry) Italian Car Coachbuilders Group.

The winners of the contest are:

  • 1st place: Adriano Stellino (Italy), 20 years old with the
    Porsche 917 Concept
  • 2nd place: Luis G.Camino Calleja (Spain), 26 years old, with his Lamborghini Lidia Concept
  • 3rd place: Shashwath Bolar (India), 26 years old with his Trioba 2+1 Concept

As a side note, we are happy to have featured both Luis Camino and Shashwath Bolar on our pages in the past.

In 2006 we published a presentation of Luis Camino’s Mitsubishi UP-MIEV and the design sketches on his website, while on last March 2008 we presented Shashwath Bolar’s Trioba 2+1 Concept.

Porsche 917 Concept by Adriano Stellino

Porsche 917 Concept by Adriano Stellino Porsche 917 Concept by Adriano Stellino

The 917 Concept is a heir to the 911 DTI and the 917 racing cars, both winners at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Among the design elements are the minimal rear overhang and the two wings that replace the conventional spoiler while conveying a sense of tension and flexibility.

The design focused on weight savings and features a number of carbon fiber componenets, including the bodywork and interior details such as the dashboard, steering wheels, pedals.

The wheels feature five carbon spoke which cover other five made in magnesium.

The rear mirrors are replaced by a camera positioned under the transparent roof. The car package includes made to measure bags.

Lamborghini Lidia by Luis Camino

The main idea behind the Lamborghini Lidia was to create a mid-engined extreme sportscar that could also be enjoyed by 50-60 years old people, thanks to a riding height, driving position, ease of access and loading capacity typical of a conventional famil car.

Lamborghini Lidia by Luis Camino Lamborghini Lidia by Luis Camino

The name ‘La Lidia’ means Art of Tauromachy (i.e. bullfighting): several styling cues are inspired by elements of the bullfighting such as the crisscrossing pattern repeated through the act of being gored. Other inspirations came from the Spartans’ helmets in the ‘300’ movie.

Trioba 2+1 Concept by Shashwath Bolar

Trioba Concept by Shashwath BolarThe Trioba 2+1 concept is based on Shashwath Bolar’s MA Automotive Design research "How does a 3 seat car enhance and affect exterior design” which provided a seating layout analysis, its effects on the exterior design and on the social interaction among passengers.

The exterior design was inspired by organic shapes from nature and resulted into an asymmetrical body, hence the name Tri-OBA (‘Organic Biomorphic Asymmetric’).

Among the design elements are asymmetrical body panels and hood, which create highlights and provides space for boot and a spare wheel.

The passenger side has an asymmetrical gull-wing door for easy access to the cabin. The electric powertrain is coupled with rear-wheel-drive transmission and Li-ion batteries.

(Source: ANFIA via

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