Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept

New Designers 15 Sep 2008
Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept

The Alfa Romeo Coelus is a design study for a four-door sports sedan that combines the Alfa’s heritage styling cues with a dynamic design. The author is Jan Bujnak, design student at SPD.

The Alfa Romeo Coelus was designed by Jan Bujnak for his 2007-2008 thesis at SPD, for the project ‘Imagine the new Alfa Romeo flagship’, organized in partnership with the Italian automaker.

Alfa Romeo Coelus ConceptAs Jan explains, "The design language of Coelus also blends many of Alfa´s heritage styling cues.

"Throughout its history Alfa Romeo  has created some of the most striking, modern and beautiful sports saloons imaginable and my objective with Coelus was to recognise those design principles."

"The values that I see in Coelus aesthetics include purity, dynamism, latent power, seduction, muscular architecture. Those Alfa Romeo values are instantly recognisable in earlier iconic models."

Set into the front of the Coelus  is a bold  scudetto (i.e. the emblem), which is recessed deeply into the body rather than sitting flush with the surface.  Its importance is underlined by the wings integrated in the deep and aggressive airintakes.

The headlamps are narrow and angular and evolve the motif seen on previous Alfas into a single slim wedge.

Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept Design Sketch

Running backwards from the nose is the main feature line of the car – a broken shoulder that flows beneath the cabin glassline and into the haunch over the rear wheel. The bottom line on the side creates a visual connection with the front. 

Above the shoulder line sits a low and sporting cabin, highlighting the coupé feel of the car. Further sporting lines are accentuated by the muscular hood. When seen from behind, Coelus is noticeably wide and powerful.

Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept - Clay Model Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept - Clay Model

The Coelus’s colour palette is deliberately monochromatic, mixing a one-off exterior paint – metashine silver – with areas of brightwork in either chrome or aluminium finishes.

Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept - Clay Model Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept - Clay Model

About the designer

Jan Bujnak was born on 20 June 1984. From 2003 to 2007 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava and in 2007-2008 he attended the SPD – Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan . He is currently completing an internship at Skoda.

Alfa Romeo Coelus Concept Alfa Design Sketch

Past cooperations include semestral projects with Audi, BMW, Ford and Skoda. Among the received awards are the Logotype for Bratislava self-governing region (2007, semifinalist), 2007 Skoda dream car (finalist) and 2006 Interiormotives Award (shortlisted).

Contact details:

(Image Courtesy: Jan Bujnak)

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