Andrea Pininfarina has died

Automotive Design 26 Aug 2008
Andrea Pininfarina has died

On last 7 August Andrea Pininfarina, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pininfarina SpA, was the victim of a traffic accident in the province of Turin.

Andrea Pininfarina, 51, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pininfarina, has died in a road accident in the morning of 7 August near Turin while riding his Vespa scooter.

About Andrea Pinifarina

Andrea PininfarinaBorn in Turin on 26 June 1957, Andrea Pininfarina was the second-born son of Sergio Pininfarina and grandson of the founder, Battista (Pinin)  Farina.

In 1981 he graduated from Polytechnic of Turin as a mechanical engineer and in 1982 was employed by Fruehauf corporation in the US.

In 1983 he joined the family company as Program Manager of the Cadillac Allanté project.

In 1988 he became General Manager. He was then promoted to Managing Director (1994) and to Chief Executive Officer (2001).

In 2004 he was named by Businessweek as one of the "25 stars of Europe", in the category dedicated to innovators.

The official Press Releases

“Our family has been stricken by an immense tragedy,” said Senator Sergio Pininfarina, the Company’s Honorary Chairman and Andrea’s father, “but we are determined to keep Andrea’s memory alive in all of us.”

“The best way to honor my brother’s memory,” said Paolo Pininfarina, Deputy Chairman of Pininfarina SpA, “is to continue to pursue with undiminished strength and determination the path that he had chosen for the Company."

The Board of Directors of Pininfarina S.p.A. met on 12 August for the first time since the tragic demise of Andrea Pininfarina, to whom his brother Paolo Pininfarina paid homage with the following opening remarks:

“Meeting today for the first time without your leadership, I join my sister, the entire Board of Director and the Board of Statutory Auditors in beginning our meeting by expressing, before your wife, your children and your parents, our heartfelt and full appreciation for those values of integrity, humility and loyalty that you always embraced with great determination and courage, and with the reserved demeanor of a man focused on results.

"The Board of Directors of Pininfarina embraces these values so that Pininfarina may always follow your high example without reservations and to ensure that these values continue to be the principles guiding the Company as it pursues growth and success along the path that your have so clearly defined.”

“On behalf of our family,” added Lorenza Pininfarina, “I would like to thank everyone — employees, customers, partners, public institutions and the public at large — for their great expression of solidarity and mourning, through which they demonstrated the widespread and deep respect that my brother Andrea enjoyed both as a man and as an entrepreneur with a high sense of personal and institutional commitment to fostering the growth and development of the Pininfarina Group and Italian industry in general.”

Upon a motion by Lorenza Pininfarina, the Board of Directors of Pininfarina S.p.A. unanimously elected Paolo Pininfarina Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors also appointed Lorenza Pininfarina Provisional Deputy Chairperson and coopted and appointed to the Board Silvio Angori and Gianfranco Albertini, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Pininfarina S.p.A., respectively, who accepted.

The Board of Directors then agreed to assign authority over the Group’s design operations and Pininfarina Extra to Paolo Pininfarina, the Company’s Chairman, and over the Group’s communications to Lorenza Pininfarina, the Provisional Deputy Chairperson.

In addition, the Board of Directors granted to Silvio Angori authority over all operating activities, including the implementation of the industrial plan and oversight over all Group companies with the exception of Pininfarina Extra, while confirming his assignment as Chief Operating Officer. Lastly, it granted to Gianfranco Albertini authority over finance and accounting, while confirming his assignment as Chief Financial Officer.

The Board of Directors reserved the right to decide jointly any issues of special significance for the Group.

In addition to the abovementioned Directors, the Board of Directors includes, Sergio Pininfarina, Honorary Chairman, and Elisabetta Carli, Mario Deaglio, Edoardo Garrone and Carlo Pavesio.

In closing, Paolo Pininfarina, the Board’s new Chairman, said: “As a strong sign of a continuity that dates back 75 years, our family has assumed full, direct responsibility.

"Together with the Board, we provided an immediate response to the tragic emergency of the passing of my brother Andrea by placing our confidence in the people who worked with my brother in developing an industrial and financial plan that has received the support of qualified industrial partners and financial institutions.

"Together with the Board, I am committed to ensuring that the development plan defined by my brother is implemented with the expected timing and modalities with the goal of strengthening every component of our Company.”

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