Air Base Motor Competition: the winners

Air Base Motor Competition: the winners

The Air Base Motor Competition by Local Motors was won by the Community’s Swedish member Doojin with his L.A.F. Concept, a lightweight sportscar with a jet-inspired design.

Doojin, known to the Local Motors Community as "Dooj”, placed first with his L.A.F. Concept., and received the prize of 1,500USD.

Fromn the official press release:

This “Light as a Feather” design was created for pilots on an air base, with both fun and practicality in mind.  The shape of the L.A.F. is jet-like, as the top portion seems to hover over the road and the bottom matte black portion goes undetected without a closer look. 

LAF Concept by DoojinThe two rear engines resemble a jet engine capable of competing with anything in a quarter mile race. Among the design features is a side compartment designed to accommodate a stretcher.

The power comes from two electric motors powered by fuel cells.  In Doojin’s own words, the “LAF was first developed as a patrol/quick response vehicle for air bases. Then, the pilots started to play with them everyday, modifying them, taking them out to winding country roads and to the circuits and tweaking them.” 

The second and third places went respectively to Samuel Aguiar with the LM 300F and to Ugo Spagnolo with his LM3.

LM 300F by Sam Aguiar LM3 Concept by Ugo Spagnolo
Above and below: the LM 300F by Sam Aguiar Above and below: the LM3 Concept by Ugo Spagnolo
LM 300F by Sam Aguiar LM3 Concept by Ugo Spagnolo

Samuel Aguiar, designer of the LM 300F "gracefully maintained the general silhouette of a jet along with the intended clean line aerodynamics.  Filski, a past Local Motors Competition Winner said it best, Sam’s design has “character despite simplicity”.

"The LM3 came in third with rave reviews for Ugo Spagnolo’s great rendering technique.  The aerospace influence translated well into his 2-seat inline design."

Sam and Ugo will both receive a Local Motors “In the Studio” shirt to commemorate their accomplishment.

About the Air Base Motor competition

The Air Base Motors Competition was started on July 15th as a one-week Sketch Off Competition.

The brief was "Extreme capability comes from purity, even simplicity. Aerospace vehicles arrange their occupants in tandem seating formation for aerodynamic efficiency and feature long fuselage shapes with taut control surfaces. They carry advanced weaponry of all types, sometimes menacingly present, other times hidden from view.

These vehicles aren’t built for "showrooms" and everyday consumers. They have coatings that help them do their job. Matte paints are sprayed in patterns that help them blend into their surroundings, bold numbers indicate their wing and squadron. Pin-up girls show that their pilots adore their planes. Shark, warthog, and tiger faces warn friends and foes of the dangerous capabilities of these vehicles and their pilots."


  • Four wheels, with a wide track for handling and stability.
  • Central seating position for one or two occupants. Like a cockpit.
  • Front, Mid, or Side engine configurations will be considered.
  • Off-Road or On-Road vehicles are encouraged.

For more information visit Local Motors.

(Source: Local Motors)

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