LusoMotors LM GT

New Designers 10 Jul 2008
LusoMotors LM GT

Created by Portuguese LusoMotors, the LM GT is a lightweight sportscar with three body variants – a shooting-brake and two open designs. The project, developed with the UK market in mind, is targeted to kit cars manufacturers.

LM GTThe goal of the project is to propose a lightweight sportscar to kit car manufacturers in order to start a small-scale and limited series production – a sportscar that is affordable and can be purchased by amateur kit car builders.

According to Portuguese engineering company LusoMotors, the LM GT could be based on an existing chassis, such as the Lotus Seven’s one or – alternatively – on a specific platform with BMW running gear which has been developed by LusoMotors itself.

In both cases the same chassis could provide the base for the three body style variants: a shooting-brake, a two-seat roadster and a single-seater barchetta-style sportscar.

LusoMotors LM GT - Roadster LusoMotors LM GT - Shooting brake LusoMotors LM GT - Single-seater barchetta

As Ernesto Freitas explains, "Making these versions more appealing and daily usable is an idea that is getting a growing interest, and an important feature for some potential clients."

LusoMotors LM GT - Lighting rendering LusoMotors LM GT - Lighting rendering LusoMotors LM GT - Lighting rendering

"We don’t intend to hide that these models were developed with the UK market (and the track-day users) in mind, but several other European countries could be considered, depending on demand and interest in the project."

LusoMotors LM GT - Shooting brake LusoMotors LM GT - Roadster LusoMotors LM GT - Roadster

With regards to the car’s design, he continues: "The design is fresh and actual, makes use of round shapes and some angular lines, defining movement and creating a link to classic models that are now part of our automotive history."

LusoMotors LM GT - detail LusoMotors LM GT - detail LusoMotors LM GT - detail
LusoMotors LM GT - Open doors rendering LusoMotors LM GT - Open doors rendering LusoMotors LM GT - Rendering

About LusoMotors

ASA GTRLusoMotors is a Portuguese Car Design company that offers design and prototyping services using its know-how to develop low-cost and feasable projects.

It was founded by Ernesto Freitas, a professional mechanical designer with more than 15 years experience in the field and an amateur car designer.

It is based in Guimarães, northern Portugal.

For more information read our presentation article or visit the official website.

(Source: LusoMotors)

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