Ferrari Formula Uomo

Automotive Design 6 Jul 2008
Ferrari Formula Uomo

Ferrari has presented the latest phase of its Formula Uomo programme, which saw the renovation of its facilities with over 200 million euro invested in new architectural projects since 1997.

The Formula Uomo programme is divided into several different sections: working environment, layout of the Ferrari ‘village’, focus on safety, environmental awareness and energy saving, and employee and family services.

Ferrari Logistics Ferrari Logistics
Ferrari logistics Ferrari CSP

The latest two buildings in terms of working environment to be constructed were the new Company Restaurant designed by architect Marco Visconti and the New Car Assembly Lines designed by architect Jean Nouvel, winner of this year’s internationally prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize.

The new buildings

The new Car Assembly Lines

Ferrari painting shop Ferrari assembly line

The new Car Assembly Lines are the second new addition to the Ferrari campus.

These are where the melding of artisan skills and avant-garde technologies is at its most advanced.

Every single work station has been designed to improve work quality by reducing worker movement and enhancing ergonomics in a climate-controlled environment that guarantees comfortable working conditions all year round.

The Lines are surrounded by large windows that open onto a green area featuring the historic red-painted wall of the facility built by Enzo Ferrari in the 1960s.

Ferrari Restaurant

The Ferrari Restaurant is located at the very heart of the Ferrari “village”.

Ferrari Restaurant Ferrari Restaurant

Designed as a place where employees can meet and socialise, it is surrounded by a partly covered square where workers can relax during their breaks.

This is the same concept that inspired the creation of new refreshment areas such as the garden area created inside the Foundry.

The Formula Uomo Programme

With the addition of these two new buildings,” stressed the President, “we have completed the renovation of the entire Car Production Area that began in the late 1990s, and has involved the investment of over 200 million euro. Next year we will be going one step further when we begin work on the new GES facility.”

Great emphasis has been placed on safety in the work place, environmental awareness and energy saving throughout the project also.

Ferrari Scaglietti bodyWith regard to environmental protection and energy saving, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa introduced the two latest projects embarked upon: a photovoltaic system and a trigeneration plant.

These new energy generations plants,” said Amedeo Felisa, “will allow us to cut the amount of electricity we take from the national grid by 25% and to reduce our CO2 emissions by 35%.  "

Ferrari’s Architecture exhibition at Automobile Museum, Turin

Ferrari’s new facilities will be the protagonist of an exhibition host by the Automobile Museum in Turin.

Ferrari Wind Tunnel by Renzo Piano Ferrari Wind Tunnel by Renzo Piano

Ferrari Wind Tunnel by Renzo Piano

The event is called "Ferrari’s architecture at Maranello. The Formula Uomo programme between aesthetics and sustainability" and is sponsored by Hydro Building Systems.

It will be open to the public from 30 June to 17 August 2008 and will display photos, sketches, drawings, models and projects, including works by architects Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Massimiliano Fuksas, Luigi Sturchio e Marco Visconti.

Ferrari’s facilities include:

  • Wind tunnel by Renzo Piano
  • Mechanical shop (MDN, Marco Visconti & Partners)
  • Technical headquarters (Massimiliano Fuksas)
  • Paint shop (MDN, Marco Visconti & Partners)
  • Assembly line (Jean Nouvel)
  • Logistics (Luigi Sturchio)
  • Restaurant (MDN, Marco Visconti & Partners)

(Source: Ferrari, Virtual Car)

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