Fiat Topolino Concept

Concept Cars 2 Jul 2008
Fiat Topolino Concept

The Fiat Topolino Concept is a reinterpretation of the Fiat 500 A Topolino classic model, produced from 1936 to 1955 in more than 500,000 units. It was designed by Paolo Martin for Ruoteclassiche Italian magazine.

Fiat Topolino Concept - original sketch Fiat Topolino Concept – original sketch

As Paolo Martin explains, “in reinterpreting the Fiat Topolino, I tried to maintain the original spirit and the of the model, with similar proportions, protruding front end and fenders, a nearly-identical grille , circular headlamps, short rear overhang and spare tire covered and integrated in the rear tailgate.”

“While undoubtedly there was the chance to develop the car shape in a more modern yet common way – which will be probably the case of Fiat’s official model, I think that given our great automobile heritage it would have diluted the importance of this car which greatly contributed to the automobile diffusion in Italy”, he adds.

The Topolino Concept has a 2+2 layout and is based on the Fiat Panda platform.

Fiat Topolino Balestra Lunga 2008 Fiat Topolino Balestra Lunga 2008

1936-1955 Fiat TopolinoThe Topolino Concept is part of a series of concepts inspired by classic cars and created by Paolo Martin for Italian magazine Ruoteclassiche. The series includes the Citroen 2CV Concept published back in June.

About the Fiat 500 Topolino

Developed by engineer Dante Giacosa, the Fiat 500 A, later nicknamed “Topolino” (“Little Mouse” in Italian) was produced from 1936 to 1955 in more than 500,000 units.

Despite the relatively high cost the Topolino had a good success and contributed to the automobile diffusion in Italy.

About Paolo Martin

Paolo Martin was born in Turin, Italy, on 7th May 1943. His first professional experience was at Studio Tecnico Michelotti (1960).

Ferrari 512 Modulo design sketch by Paolo Martin The Ferrari Modulo show car, designed by Paolo Martin in 1970

He then worked for some of the most important Turinese designers: Bertone (July 1967), Pininfarina (July 1968) and De Tomaso Group (January 1972), where he was Ghia‘s Style Center Director (1973-1976).

Since 1976 he’s been working as a freelance designer, running a Studio which offers design consultancy and styling models construction services.

His current customers include Fiat, Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Piaggio, Gilera, Ferretti Kraft, Cigarette, Magum Marine, Dassault Aviation and others.

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(Image courtesy: Paolo Martin – Italian version available on Virtual Car )

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