Th!nk Ox

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Th!nk Ox

The Th!nk Ox is a 5-seater electric crossover vehicle based on a platform suitable for different body styles. The 60 kw powertrain is coupled with Li-ion batteries which allow for a 200 km range and a top speed of 130 km/h.

TH!NK Ox is a platform concept, designed by the Norwegian company for electric drive vehicles, is targeted to the European, North American and Asian market.

First revealed at Geneva 2008, the five-seater model could go on sale next year, completing the line-up which currently includes the Th!nk City compact car, sold at of 40,000 Euros.

Th!nk Ox Concept - Coupé version The Th!nk Ox Coupé version

The TH!NK Ox is the basis for a variety of vehicle styles, starting with the TH!NK Ox Crossover 5-seater.

This is possible due to a space frame concept featuring the main crash structure and the batteries centrally placed in two compartments in the lower frame.

The unpainted recyclable exterior adopts a typical Scandinavian design language and is characterized by the exposed space frame.

The TH!NK Ox picture gallery shows an MPV version and a coupé version.

Th!nk Ox Concept - MPV version The Th!nk Ox MPV version

The MPV version is suggested as a taxi with a larger luggage space. It is designed for easy entry and exit, and a spacious and easy access luggage trunk.

The coupé and sports versions have a larger battery capacity for higher performance.

The TH!NK Ox Platform design allows two different standards of battery packs;

  • High stack: two compartments, allows use of low cost, high range sodium batteries
  • Low stack: gives space for flat Li Ion packs, allows lower/upper frame for sports car and flat flow applications


Th!nk Ox ConceptThink’s sustainable Scandinavian design has formed the basis for this truly innovative clean car. TH!NK Ox is distinguished by the TH!NK product family design characteristics.

It mimics the clean choice of materials from the TH!NK city unpainted and recyclable exterior and a 95% recyclable interior material concept, made possible through the ABS and PP interior systems.

A solar panel in the roof keeps the vehicle’s interior cool when the engine is switched off, or can even supply enough power to run the sound system on the beach.

TH!NK Ox combines Scandinavian design and functionality with TH!NK’s unique lines. It is both spacious and sophisticated.

Th!nk Ox ConceptThe space frame cant rail is a visible styling part, running from the front to the rear wheel arch. An upright tailgate emphasises the distinct TH!NK outline and creates valuable luggage space.

The side indicator lights, prominently placed on the wheel arches, add an innovative look to exemplary functionality.

The contrast between the plastic body and the aluminium exterior details such as mirrors, grille and handles, creates a truly different and innovative feel.

The TH!NK Ox interior is designed to give the driver a feeling of openness and comfort. With its large glass surfaces, TH!NK Ox provides a clear view of the traffic. The transparent tailgates allow high visibility for easy city parking.

Th!nk Ox ConceptLight materials and clean simple shapes, combined with choices of colours and graphic design give the option to personalise the vehicle. Inbuilt computer screens display all mandatory information as in a standard instrument cluster, plus a variety of interesting and useful functions related to driving, leisure and working.

Electric Drive

The base model of the TH!NK Ox will have a 60kW electrical powertrain, capable of accelerating to 100km/hr in less than 8.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of 130km/hr.

Th!nk Ox ConceptThe vehicle will be powered by a choice of either sodium batteries or state-of-the art lithium technology battery packs, allowing optimal adaption to the type of use and geographic region.

The lithium-ion batteries will employ a next generation nano-phosphate electrochemistry with an unprecedented combination of power capability, energy density, and safety.

The TH!NK Ox driving range is targeted at 200km for combined highway and city summer driving (US06 driving cycle).

For city driving, the TH!NK Ox will be able to travel even further on a full charge, to over 250km.

The platform concept also forsees a sports version with a higher top speed and a range extended to up to 450km, a range also relevant for the taxi version.

Th!nk Ox ConceptCharging the TH!NK Ox from zero to a fully charged state from a standard 230V/16A European outlet, will take approximately 12 hours using the onboard charger.

The Li Iion batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in less than an hour with a high power off-board fast charger. As with all TH!NK vehicles, TH!NK Ox can be charged at any normal power point.

TH!NK Ox’s front grille houses the charging point at a comfortable height, with a pull out cable that fits any normal appliance socket.

TH!NK Ox has a key-less entry fob setting that stores and displays the personal choices of the user.

Th!nk Ox ConceptWhen entering the vehicle, your personal desktop, music and for example, e-mails are displayed. Seating position, mirrors and steering wheel are automatically adjusted to suit the user.

The DNA-key gives the user feedback on charging status and sends messages, for example, for pre-heat or pre-cool options via GPRS.


TH!NK Ox is highly connected, featuring real time navigation, web, e-mail and open source interfaces, intelligent and sustainable driving and route calculations.

The TH!NK connectivity platform, built on a fully functional computer, enables drivers and passengers to stay tuned, keeps track of the battery performance and allows remote diagnostics at all times.

Th!nk Ox ConceptThe system will be capable of bringing rich Internet applications into the car, enabling the creation of a whole new genre of smart applications.

The combination of GPS and constant Internet connection provides an incredible platform for location-based search, and location-based services adapted to the vehicle.

For instance, the system will display available parking spaces at the destination, or along the route, provide guidance to a free space, identify and choose a suitable space and even pre-reserve a suitable space for them.

“Clean tech” location-based services will help drivers locate critical services such as charging stations or standard electric outlets where the TH!NK Ox can recharge.

TH!NK connectivity may also give drivers feedback on their driving behaviour and guidance on optimising energy usage by providing real time energy consumption information while driving.

In real time, the navigation system will graphically display how far the car can go one-way, given the current battery charge level, how far the car can go round trip, and how much battery charging time is required to reach a specific destination.

Th!nk Ox ConceptAdditional examples of EV integration will include smart energy usage, giving the user the ability to remotely request that the vehicle be pre-heated or pre-cooled while still plugged into a power outlet, via the Internet or a mobile phone.

In conjunction with selected utility partners, the system will enable “demand side management” by charging during off-peak times, or allowing the utility the option to modulate charging during peak hours.

This way, the vehicle will charge during the least expensive, lowest-demand and “cleanest power” time periods, reducing the strain on the electricity power network. The system will also enable vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications, enabling the “time shifting” of electrical power, energy and carbon credit markets and new “green power” initiatives.

Infotainment and telematics

The telematics system will include an integrated dual audio amplifier with spatial expansion to enhance the space inside the car. Audio and video player applications will provide the entertainment options that drivers and passengers expect from modern cars.

A help button with GSM voice respond will enable drivers to reach the TH!NK Service Desk for assistance. Both on-board and off-board computer systems will monitor critical car functions and will notify the driver, the owner and the service stations of any abnormalities.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 4120 mm
  • Width: 1814 mm (without mirrors)
  • Height: 1650 mm
  • Wheel base: 2775 mm
  • Track: 1500 mm
  • Tires: 225/35 ZR 19
  • CD: 0.2 – 0.34
  • Fronal area: 2.43 m2
  • Turning diameter 12 m
Vehicle description
  • 5 seater
  • 5 doors
  • front wheel drive system
  • full electric powertrain
  • safety standards of US and EU markets
  • McPherson front axel and trailing arm rear axel
  • vmax: 135km/h
  • range: 200km
  • acceleration (0-100km/hr): 8.5 sec
  • battery packs: option of sodium batteries and state of the art Lithium Ion
  • drive power, nominal: 60kW (boost for acceleration: 1ookW)
  • battery weight: 350kg
  • total vehicle weight: 1500kg
  • gross vehicle weight rating: 1850kg
  • motor: water cooled permanent magnet synchronous-motor (low weight and package space)
  • power, nominal: 60kW (boost for acceleration: 1ookW)
  • propulsion: front wheel drive system
  • energy return: recuperation and solar roof panel

(Source: Th!nk)

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