Tatra 903 Concept

New Designers 1 Jul 2008
Tatra 903 Concept

Czech magazine AutoDesign&Styling has asked designer Mike Jelinek to create his vision of the Tatra of the future. The result is the 903 Concept, a fuel cell luxury sportscar with innovative aerodynamic solutions.

The Tatra 903 Concept is premium fuel cell/electric vehicle with "a unique combination of emotional styling and aerodynamics efficiency."

Tatra 903 Concept Tatra 903 Concept

Tatra 903 ConceptThe car takes inspiration from the Czech automotive brand Tatra, historically famous for its unforgettable aerodynamics and revolutionary technical solutions.

“The water drop shaped back refers to one of the most characteristic values of Tatra, the aerodynamics – same as covered rear wheels.

"It may look retro, but in the term of aerodynamic optimisation it has its own purpose.

"The A-pillar has moved in the axis of the car – again, not just a quotation of split screen theme pointing back to the original models, but certainly a safety factor designed to offer a better view from the car.” describes Mike Jelinek.

Tatra 903 Concept Tatra 903 Concept

“I didn’t want to refer to any model from the history of this legendary manufacturer, but I tried to catch something like the spirit of Tatra cars and bring it to aesthetics a the 21st century.” said Jelinek.

Tatra T87 (1936-1950) Tatra T87 (1936-1950)

Nowadays, Tatra doesn’t produce any passenger cars, just heavy trucks, but the heritage hidden in the extraordinary cars is still waiting for rediscovery.

More information can be found in the No. 14 issue of the Czech car design magazine AutoDesign&Styling.

About the Designer

Mike Jelinek worked in many roles for design studios at Skoda Auto, Volkswagen, Citroën, GME, Daimler just to name few.

Today he works as a senior consultant for conceptual design at Autodesk where he is responsible for the automotive design customers.

(Source: AutoDesign&Styling)

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