Citroen 2CV Concept

Concept Cars 6 Jun 2008
Citroen 2CV Concept

The Citroen 2CV Concept is a proposal by Paolo Martin, who tried to capture the aesthetic essence of the legendary model and combine it with modern requirements and technology.

Citroen 2CV ConceptThe 2CV Concept is a proposal defined by Italian designer Paolo Martin himself as “a reinterpratation of an unattractive yet brilliant vehicle”, made “in total freedom and without external influences.”

He explains: “Trying to capture the original aesthetic spirit, I tried to draw on this “design without frills”, by keeping the same proportions and adopting the single multifunctional headlight unit – already shocased on Martin’s Nissan Hurricane Li-Ion Concept design study – as a characterizing design element.”

The headlight unit adopted both at the front and at the rear and replaces a pair of conventional headlights.

Curiously, the single headlight was a solution already showcased on the first 2CV prototypes in 1936, with a single front lamp mounted on the driver’s side.

Citroen 2CV Concept sketch Citroen 2CV Concept sketch Citroen 2CV Concept sketch

The 2CV Concept is based on the platform of the current C4 model and its interior space and comfort level meet today’s standards.

Citroen 2CV Concept by Paolo Martin Citroen 2CV Concept by Paolo Martin

About the Citroën 2CV (1949-1990)

Citroen 2CV (1949-1990) Citroen 2CV (Source: Wikipedia)

More than 70 years ago, in 1936, Flaminio Bertoni was commissioned by Citroen to develop the exterior design of an extremely siple and cheap vehicle, with the goal of offering French people the possibility of moving through the countryside and to “drive across a ploughed field” with 4 people aboard and a 60kg load of “potatoes and fresh eggs”.

With a 375 cubic centimeters engine it was an arduous undertaking.

The engineering project was assigned to André Lefèbvre.

In 1948, after the end of World War II, the definitive model was finally unveiled and since the launch the 2CV has been built in about ten million units.

For more information, visit the Citroën 2CV page on Wikipedia.

About Paolo Martin

Ferrari 512 Modulo design sketch by Paolo Martin The Ferrari Modulo show car, designed by Paolo Martin in 1970

Paolo Martin was born in Turin, Italy, on 7th May 1943. His first professional experience was at Studio Tecnico Michelotti (1960).

He then worked for some of the most important Turinese designers: Bertone (July 1967), Pininfarina (July 1968) and De Tomaso Group (January 1972), where he was Ghia‘s Style Center Director (1973-1976).

Since 1976 he’s been working as a freelance designer, running a Studio which offers design consultancy and styling models construction services.

His current customers include Fiat, Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Piaggio, Gilera, Ferretti Kraft, Cigarette, Magum Marine, Dassault Aviation and others.

For more information visit

(Image courtesy: Paolo Martin – Italian version available on Virtual Car )

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