BMW 3 Series Concept

New Designers 23 May 2008
BMW 3 Series Concept

The Bmw 3 Series Concept is a project that previews a possible future design direction for the brand, with an original and complex surface language. The designer is Coventry graduate Benedetto Bordone.

Created by Benedetto Bordone, the BMW 3 Series concept was "designed to realistically preview where BMW Design could go next with their design direction for their Core Models."

BMW 3-Series ConceptThe surfacing for the body has been inspired by the human forms of an athlete.

The design emphasizes the typica BMW characteristics of lean strength and "highlights the brand’s role at the forefront of what is possible in automotive sculpturing", as Benedetto explains.

Several characterizing design details were inspired by modern architecture.

BMW 3-Series by Benedetto Bordone - design sketches BMW 3-Series by Benedetto Bordone - design sketches

"The car’s surfaces are inspired by the torso of an athlete, to give an impression of lean muscle. The detailing of the grilles communicate precision and attention to details."

The BMW 3 Series Concept has recently been nominated for a Red Dot Award.

BMW 3-Series Concept BMW 3-Series Concept
BMW 3-Series Concept - design panel BMW 3-Series Concept - design panel

About the designer

Benedetto Bordone graduated from Coventry University in 2005 and is currently a freelance Designer/Illustrator.

Desert Queen by Benedetto Bordone Alfa Romeo Junior by Benedetto Bordone Alfa Romeo Junior by Benedetto Bordone
Desert Queen project for Local Motors’ competition Alfa Romeo Junior concept – created during an internship at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo

Jaguar R3Concept sketchesHis previous working experiences include BeeStudio Torino, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and Honda Advanced Design.

Contact details:

(Image Courtesy: Benedetto Bordone)

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