TwoTwo Concept

New Designers 21 May 2008
TwoTwo Concept

The TwoTwo concept car is a proposal for a modular urban electric vehicle that can be extended in legnth and transformed from a 2 seater into a four seater. The author is German designer Ramin Ansari.

The aim of the project was to create an innovative concept car that combined two operating modes to suit the passengers’ requirements.

TwoTwo Concept - LayoutThe 2/2 Concept is an electric city car for 2 people that can be transformed in its length into a 4-seater car (600mm length change) at the touch of a button thanks to the action of telescoping tubes.

The 2-seater version is 2.5 meters long and the extended version is 3.1 meters.

The vehicle is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries coupled with 4 wheel hub engines.

The units deliver a power output of 100 kW and allow for a range of over 250 miles. and a full battery recharge takes 3.5 hours.

TwoTwo Concept - design panelThe hub engines integrated into each wheel incorporate brakes, drivetrain, steering and suspension. The power supplies are located along the car’s floor and in the external rear compartment.

The compact front doors are pivoting and move forwards. Rear sliding doors provide easy access to the cabin.

The design is inspired by Leopards; "the front wheels seem to grab and pull the car forward, symbolizing sportiness and movement."

"The windshield’s overhang with integrated headlamps create a kinetic design theme (inspired by eagles – as well as filigree taillights styled as feathers)."

TwoTwo Concept - design sketch TwoTwo Concept - 4 seater TwoTwo Concept - 2 seater

The large glass surfaces are matched by a round sunroof that contrasts to the car’s dynamic look.

The mid-frame with integrated spoiler "embraces" the front section and at the same time reminds of the Smart fortwo concept.

About the designer

Ramin Ansari TwoTwo Concept - design panel

Ramin Ansari was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1984.

He has studied in Coventry, Great Britain, and in July 2007 he received a Bachelor in Transport & Product Design.

After a work experience at Bertrandt GmbH in Cologne, he was hired by Bertrandt Technikum near Stuttgart, Germany.

Beside the TwoTwo Concept, one of his final projects was a lamp-furniture design that received a “Highly Commended” Lighting Award (Britain, 2007).

Contact details:

(Image Courtesy: Ramin Ansari)

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