L’argus 7th European Design Competition

L’argus 7th European Design Competition

On next 21 June 2008 French magazine ‘L’argus de l’automobile’ will launch the 7th edition of its Design Competition, open to students of European design colleges. The theme is ‘Invent a vehicle that is useful for society’ and the deadline for submission is 21 December 2008.

cover image: Maxime Pille’s project – 3rd finalist in the 6th L’argus Design Competition.

“Invent a vehicle that is useful for society”

Coeur Concept by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva – winner of the 2007 Competition

For this 7th edition, the competition extends its scope to the broader sense of “vehicles”. The goal is to come up with original, innovative and useful concepts for the movement of goods and people with the theme:" “Invent a vehicle that is useful for society”.

Until the 21 December, students will have to imagine a new vehicle on the theme:

The winner will receive a prize of 3,000 €, as well as an internship at Renault’s Design Centre. The prizes for the 2nd and 3rd places are respectively 1,500 € and 500 €.

The competition is open to students attending design colleges within the European Union and Switzerland (automotive and industrial design, fine arts, architecture…).

L'Argus 7th European Design Competition - PosterSubmitted entries must include 4 plates:

  • 1 context plate with the project explanations and the guided commentary ;
  • 1 sketch plate 
  • 2 drawing plates, including:
    • Views from different angles (exterior, interior and focusing on certain functions) ;
    • Captions (chosen materials, labels of the interior lay out, the vehicle architecture, the ergonomic design, the dimensions, the specific functions, etc.)

Every projects short-listed for the final will be exhibited during the award ceremony at the end of January 2009.

For information and submission you can contact: concoursdesign@argusauto.com.

The Brief

To keep up with economic, political and social developments on the automobile markets in the West, manufacturers are trying to come up with new offers. At a time where the movement of individuals is fundamental, niche segments are diversifying, using more and more innovative materials, energy sources and technologies, and new travel systems, vehicles or services are appearing to benefit society as a whole.

The student should first of all draw up a list of requirements in terms of the movement of goods, services and people on Western markets. The student shall specify those that are “socially useful” (proven or potential), depending on his or her interpretation of this notion.

On this basis, he or she will put forward an innovative and useful vehicle concept to be manufactured and sold on Western markets. Students shall explain their choices at every step of the project (interest of the concept, selection of materials, production method, functionalities, design, etc.).

(Source: L’Argus)


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