Northumbria University Transportation Design 2008

Northumbria University Transportation Design 2008

On 10-13 July 2008 the BA (Hons) Transportation design course at Northumbria University will be exhibiting the students’ final year projects at the New Designers event held in London. The range of works on display will include automotive, marine and product design projects.

by David Fearnley

Students from the Northumbria University Transportation Design course are currently preparing for their final degree exhibition.

There will be two showings of the works, one at the newly completed multi million pound premises in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on the 17th June, and a second held at the New Designers event in London.

Lotus Concept by David FearnleyThe final show, entitled “Crash Bang Wallop” will showcase work from thirteen final year students at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.

Project Rationales:

Car enthusiasts who appreciate the experience of a sports car often have to face the fact that the passion for this type of driving doesn’t combine very well with starting a family.

Often the sports car will be exchanged for something more practical. David Fearnley is working on a new Lotus to tackle this.

Using a 3-seat layout his design is aimed to offer a level of practicality while maintaining the Lotus experience to all occupants in the vehicle.

Sarah Hellewell is currently creating a car to promote tourism and exploration, aimed at the middle aged market.
The car provides a comfortable camping experience with all the amenities needed to accelerate camping back into popular culture.

Camping Car Concept by Sarah Hellewell Boat interior design by Pete Mitchell

Concept by Jaxon DouglasWith the aim of raising the profile of hydrofoil technology, Pete Mitchell is designing a 50ft leisure marine craft with a striking aesthetic.

The boat showcases the possibilities of the foil, including the potential for long distance cruising with uncompromised comfort, speed and handling.

Jaxon Douglass is designing a light rail system which aims to be safer and a lot more direct than any other conventional transport system by using futuristic technologies that make journeys a lot more personal for the passenger.

David Pinder is designing a vehicle for generation I, focused on breaking down problematic preconceptions of the car pooling experience.

Concept sketch by David PinderThe concept harmonises a virtual and real world scenarios and promotes equality through design.

Public Transport is something we can all relate to, Chris Barker tackles the problems associated with commuter rail, designing an interior that offers a unique travelling experience where both function and form are paramount.

Jonathan Foreman is designing an Electric Commuter Vehicle (ECV) around business user and their daily commute to and from work.

The vehicle comfortably accommodates two users without compromise to encourage car sharing and reduce the traffic stresses on our roads.

ECV interior by Jonathan Foreman Concept sketch by Steven Underhill

Steven Underhill’s project is aimed to change the public’s perceptions of alternatively fuelled vehicles by creating a concept that is exciting and allows people to be passionate about it.  The solution is to design an electrically powered rally car that is both sustainable and exhilarating.

Concept sketch by Alan NeillWith the rising costs of new vehicles, young consumers are looking for their first vehicle to be cheap, fun, safe and easy to use.

Alan Neill aims to combine convenient package layouts with unique basic innovations, to create a desirable low-priced vehicle for the consumer.

Urban living is increasing and people are living in smaller properties all over the world.

As most housing in the city is very small normally people only have a space in a court yard to park their car.

Kristopher Carver’s concept allows it’s users to make use of this space in different ways so people in upstairs apartments can have an outdoor personal space.

His vehicle will allow the driver to travel to different destinations and have more comfort when he or she pits stops, making longer journeys more pleasant.

Concept car sketch by James Brown Concept car sketch by James Brown

James Brown has realised that within the Spyker product range there is a space for the brand to expand into the Grand Touring market, this is a perfect market segment for Spyker to expand into because there are no other manufacturers that produce a product with a similar level of craftsmanship or design.

Peter Cafferky is designing a Stability Assisting Motorcycle (SAM). This concept is a commuter vehicle that offers both reassuring stability and driving interaction to the uninitiated bike rider.

Further examples and updates of the students work can be found at

Course background

The Transportation Design Course at Northumbria University is a four year course which includes an industrial placement during the third year of study to promote student development in the industry.

This programme builds on the School of Design’s long established and successful record of producing graduates for the automotive, marine, rail and aviation industries.

The programme aims to produce professional design graduates for employment in vehicle manufacturing and other transport related industries.

Its work embraces design for both high and low volume production as well as that intended for prototype or custom manufacture. In addition, this degree will encompass the design of performance products for sports, recreational and entertainment activities.

Projects on the course vary in scope and content and require the use of design and presentation techniques ranging from sketching and illustration to 3D computer generated imagery, and CAD modelling from scale appearance models to full size working prototypes developed in our workshop facilities.

More information on the course can be found at

New Designers – show details

Crash Bang Wallop! PosterThe New Designers show runs from the 10th to the 13th of July 2008.

Opening hours

  • Wednesday 9th July – (Invitation only)
    • 13:00-18:00 Press Preview
    • 18:30 – 21:00 Awards Preview Eve
  • Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th July

    • 11:00-18:00
  • Sunday 13th July

    • 11:00-16:00

More information on the event  and ticket prices can be found at

(Source: Northumbria University)

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