Buick Invicta Concept

Concept Cars 23 Apr 2008
Buick Invicta Concept

The official images and information on the Invicta Concept, the sleek four-door midsize sedan which gives indications on the design direction for Buick’s next generation of vehicles for the US and Chinese markets.

Buick Invicta Concept - design studyInvicta has evolved from Buick concepts such as the 2004 Velite convertible and 2007 Riviera coupe, both of which were based on modern adaptation of classic Buick themes.

Invicta was designed collaboratively by GM centers of expertise in Warren, Mich. and Shanghai, China.

The name, which is Latin for “invincible”, returns to Buick after a 45-year hiatus in the United States.

“Buick’s global appeal created an opportunity for GM Design Centers to elevate our collaboration to new levels.

Using our virtual reality centers in Warren and Shanghai, designers fused the best ideas from both cultures during the development of the Invicta," said Edward T. Welburn, vice president, General Motors Global Design.

Buick Invicta Concept - exterior rendering Buick Invicta Concept - exterior rendering

"The result will set a new design standard for Buick, and it couldn’t have been achieved by one studio working in isolation. The Invicta represents another significant design milestone in Buick’s history."

Buick Invicta at the 2008 Beijing Motor Show Buick Invicta at the 2008 Beijing Motor Show Buick Invicta at the 2008 Beijing Motor Show
Buick Invicta debuts at the 2008 Beijing Motor Show

Invicta is powered by Buick’s first direct injection turbocharged engine, a four-cylinder powerplant that produces 250 horsepower (186 kW) and 220 lb-ft (298 Nm) of torque. The engine is matched with a six-speed automatic transmission for maximum fuel efficiency.


Buick Invicta Concept - exterior renderingInvicta’s designers drew inspiration from the Riviera concept. Invicta features modern and sleek proportions with exterior lines that flow uninterrupted around the vehicle.

For example, Invicta’s cat-eye headlamps transition into the Buick heritage-inspired sweepspear design cue, which flows seamlessly along the body sides and merges into the taillamps. Similarly, one can trace the top of the headlamp casing to the roofline and the rear of the vehicle without interruptions.

As with Riviera, Invicta features short overhangs with wheels pushed out to the corners for a well-planted stance. The overall appearance is sleek, thanks in part to a sweeping, low roofline and a front windshield that has an aggressive rake.

Buick Invicta Concept - exterior renderingUp front, the Buick tri-shield is prominently displayed inside the Velite-inspired chrome vertical waterfall grille. Polished aluminum surrounding the headlamps, portholes, around the D-pillar and along the lower side of the vehicle on the lower doors accentuates the overall exterior design. Reminiscent of a number of historic Buick models, Invicta’s portholes – three per side – are located on the hood rather than on the front quarter panels.

Invicta’s wheelbase and high belt line give the vehicle more substantial proportions while visually reinforcing its premium appearance. Invicta’s 20-inch polished aluminum wheels feature a milled Buick tri-shield in the center cap.

To signal its premium attributes while enhancing the vehicle’s sleek proportions, Invicta’s exterior is draped in a sumptuous AluStone color. Its warm beige tone contains wafer-thin flakes of aluminum that reflect light to emit a liquid gold appearance. 

Buick Invicta Concept - exterior rendering Buick Invicta Concept - exterior rendering


Buick Invicta Concept - interior renderingThe focus and attention to seamless transitions carry over inside Invicta. The doors merge to become one with the instrument panel, which morphs into the center console.

The wrap-around design of the interior and fluid design provide a spacious cabin for all passengers, especially those seated in the back of the vehicle.

At nearly 100 cubic feet of interior space, Invicta delivers large-car comfort in a mid-size sedan. The sense of roominess is further accentuated by a full glass roof, which allows all passengers to enjoy the sights, day or night. 

Invicta also showcases a high level of interior craftsmanship while creating an environment that is soothing, quiet, comfortable and inviting for all passengers.   

The blending of premium materials – such as wood trim and polished aluminum accents, soft aniline leather, supple suede-like material and soothing Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology – encase passengers in Buick luxury. 

Buick Invicta Concept- Headlight rendering Buick Invicta Concept- Taillight rendering
Buick Invicta Concept- Headlight rendering Buick Invicta Concept- Taillight rendering

Beyond its sumptuous appearance, Buick created a show car for the senses.

Authentic French seam stitching on the soft-touch instrument panel pad, door panels and steering wheel invites touch.

Buttons, switches and door pulls are crafted to deliver a tactile quality experience.

Soft and soothing Ice Blue ambient LED lighting on the instrument panel, around the central vehicle function controls, along the console and center storage, and in the front footwells provoke visual sophistication.

Two discriminating “spotlights” also accent the center point of the front and rear seats.

Buick introduced the Invicta in North America as a production vehicle in 1959. The Invicta show car is the first time the nameplate has appeared on a Buick in China.

Buick Invicta Concept – Technical Specifications

Vehicle type:

four-door, five-passenger luxury show car sedan

Wheelbase (in / mm):

114.5 / 2908

Length (in / mm):

194.2 / 4932

Width (in / mm):

73.8 / 1874

Height (in / mm):

57.7 / 1466

Track (in / mm):

64.4 / 1635 front; 64.5 / 1637 rear


2.0L DOHC, direct injection turbo

Horsepower (kW):

250 / 186

Torque (Nm):

220 / 298


six-speed automatic


MacPherson strut, front; independent, rear


four-wheel anti-lock disc


polished aluminum, 20 in. x 8.5 in. with milled Buick emblem



(Source: Buick)

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