Nissan Evalia Concept (2003)

Concept Cars 10 Apr 2008
Nissan Evalia Concept (2003)

Unveiled at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, the Evalia was a futuristic vision of a compact family car, created by London-based Nissan Design Studio. Among the features were the parallel opening front and rear doors and the lack of a central B-pillar.

From the original Press Release:

Called Evalia, the innovative design combines coupé lines with hatchback practicality. It was created by Nissan Design in Europe – now fully installed in Nissan’s newly opened design studio in London, England after its transfer from Munich, Germany.

Nissan Evalia Concept - Design sketch Nissan Evalia Concept - Interior design sketch

Nissan Evalia Concept (2003)Seen as a potential direction for a contender in the C-segment, Evalia aims to provide the practicality needed by a young family at the same time as satisfying the emotional needs of the image-conscious driving enthusiast.

Among its unique features are parallel opening front and rear doors and the lack of a central B-pillar – vehicle strength is channelled through the sills and roof. By removing the B-pillar, easy access to the passenger compartment is ensured.

Although extremely spacious inside, and with a host of practical storage solutions, Evalia is designed to be more sports car than mini van.

With a coupé-inspired driving position and lowered sports suspension, Evalia means the move into parenthood need not coincide with the end of driving fun.

Nissan Evalia Concept (2003) Nissan Evalia Concept (2003)

(Source: Nissan)

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