Voisin Concept

New Designers 28 Mar 2008
Voisin Concept

The Voisin Concept is a high performance sportscar inspired by the Avions Voisin French brand from the 1920s and 1930s. It was created by Portuguese Design Studio LusoMotors.

Voisin Concept renderingDeveloped by Ernesto Freitas, founder of LusoMotors, the Voisin project is currently in the virtual 3D model stage.

The studio aims at producing a full-scale model in the next future that would virtually compete in the same exclusive segment as that of the Bugatti Veyron.

Speaking about the inspirations that motivated him, Ernesto Freitas says: "Personally I always loved French classic cars. I’m not talking about just the design or the brands, but the history behind them."

"Voisin is one of them: despite being active for just a few years, this brand made some of the most fantastic and luxurious cars of the time. Lots of technological advanced details were incorporated in their cars, using the knowledge from the aviation world.

Voisin Concept - rendering Voisin Concept - rendering Voisin Concept - rendering
Above: preliminary renderings

Voisin Concept rendering"Gabriel Voisin and his brother, Charles Voisin where pioneers, and I believe, the only real rivals of Bugatti at that time. Having this in mind, we came up with a design to rival with Bugatti, like in the "old days"…

The Voisin was designed to accomodate large capacity longitudinal V12 engine at the rear. The new V12 Audi diesel engine would be the ideal choice, as Ernesto explains: "Huge amounts of torque and power can be used with no regrets!"

The sportscar has generous dimensions – especially the wheelbase – and sits on 20-inches wheels with ultra low profile tires.

Voisin Concept by Lusomotors - renderingLusoMotors started the project as a homage to classic Fench Cars and to Gabriel Voisin and is currently looking for potential investors to further develop it into a production reality.

Note: the Voisin brand is property of its owner, and it’s being used by LusoMotors solely as a mere design exercise and a way to pay homage to classic French cars and their history and to Gabriel Voisin.

About LusoMotors

ASA GTRLusoMotors is a Portuguese Car Design company that offers design and prototyping services using its know-how to develop low-cost and feasable projects.

It was founded by Ernesto Freitas, a professional mechanical designer with more than 15 years experience in the field and an amateur car designer.

It is based in Guimarães, northern Portugal.

For more information read our presentation article or visit the official website.

About Avions Voisin

Avions Voisins LogoFounded by aviation pioneer and manufacturer Gabriel Voisin, Avions Voisin produced cars from 1919 to 1939.

Among the technical highlights of these luxury and original vehicles were the extensive use of aluminum and the Knight-type sleeve valve engines.

The design of the bodies was created by Gabriel himself, who said he was helped by architect Le Corbusier. Voisin’s cars were lightweight, with central weight distribution, ample luggage boxes and angular exterior lines. The 1923 Laboratoire Grand Prix was one of the very first cars with a monocoque structure.

1934 Voisin C27 Aerosport 1934 Voisin C15 Saloit Roadster
1934 Voisin C27 Aerosport – Source: Supercars.net 1934 Voisin C15 Saloit Roadster – Source: Supercars.net

One of the engineers working at Voisin was André Lefèbvre, who later joined Citroen where he created the Traction Avant, the 2CV and the DS.

For more information on Avions Voisin visit:

(Image Courtesy: LusoMotors)

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