Buick Invicta Concept preview

Concept Cars 19 Mar 2008
Buick Invicta Concept preview

Buick has revealed a preview image of the Invicta, a luxurious concept car co-developed by GM design centers in North America and China that will debut at the Beijing Motor Show.

According to Buick, the Invicta Concept "reflects the way General Motors utilizes design and engineering talent around the world to execute a premium vehicle with international appeal."

The Invicta, which is Latin for “invincible,” evolves Buick’s global design direction from the Riviera concept introduced last year in Shanghai.

Buick Riviera Concept sketch Buick Riviera Concept

The Invicta show car was co-developed by GM design centers in North America and China to meet customers’ expectations equally in the world’s two largest automotive markets.

“Buick’s global appeal created an opportunity for GM Design Centers to elevate our collaboration to new levels. Using our virtual reality centers in Warren, Mich. and Shanghai, designers fused the best ideas from both cultures during the development of the Invicta, ” said Edward T. Welburn, vice president, General Motors Global Design.

“The result will set a new design standard for Buick, and it couldn’t have been achieved by one studio working in isolation. The Invicta represents another significant design milestone in Buick’s history.”

Invicta draws inspiration from the Riviera concept with a modern and graceful exterior design matched by a sumptuous interior.

Invicta pays homage to Buicks of the 1940s through the 1970s with its nostalgic sweepspear design cue, a curved line running the length of the car.

The exterior also features Buick’s signature vertical chrome waterfall grille and a new look to its portholes. The Invicta interior will share Riviera’s ambient lighting feature and lavish design.

Buick returns the Invicta name after a 45-year hiatus. Buick originally introduced the Invicta in North America as a production vehicle from 1959 to 1963.

The Buick Invicta Concept will be revealed in China at the Beijing Motor Show on April 19.

(Source: Buick)

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