Volkswagen Scirocco

Production Cars 6 Mar 2008
Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen has unveiled the new Scirocco production model. The dynamic design of the compact coupe is based on the 2006 Iroc Concept, with a new horizontal front grille. It will go on sale starting from summer 2008

The new Scirocco debuts 34 years after the original model created by Giugiaro, presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1974. Its aim is to merge a sporty design and high-class technologies with affordable costs of ownership.

VW SciroccoCompared to the 2006 Iroc Concept, many design elements have been transferred to the production car nearly unchanged.

These include the long wagon/coupé roof which pays tribute to the C-pillar design of the first Scirocco, the car’s athletic side profile, its distinctive engine hood and the entire rear end with its extremely broad
shoulder sections.

The main difference is in the changed front end, which now showcases a more conventional horizontal grille replacing the hexagonal grille of the concept.

The interior can transport four adults and the luggage capacity is nearly 300 liters. A large panorama vent sunroof – extending from the A pillars to the B pillars – provides for plenty of light in the interior.

The VW Iroc Concept (2006)

Only the design of the radiator grille has been changed for a more stylish and timeless solution.

The sporty proportions combine a length of 4.26 meters – comparable to a Golf – with a significantly lower (1.40 meter) and wider (1.81 meter) body. The dynamic look is copmleted by the short overhangs and long wheelbase (2,6 meters).

The available engines include one TDI (140 hp) and three TSI (power outputs from 122 up to 200 hp) units. Technical highlights include a 7-speed DSG gearbox
and an adaptive chassis control system.

The Scirocco will be launched Europe-wide in late summer 2008 with prices starting from 21,750 euros; other countries will follow over the course of the next year.

From the official Press Release:

Exterior Design

Front end

Scirocco - exterior design studyThe front end of the Scirocco displays a completely new Volkswagen design language.

On the one hand, it preserves historical elements,
while simultaneously taking a great leap forward. The radiator grille and bumper are characterized by a dynamic that is timeless and impressive.

Technically, the front end concept also fulfills
Volkswagen’s stringent requirements for pedestrian protection.

Stylistically, the upper area of the Scirocco’s front end is dominated primarily by horizontal lines. Spanning the area between the prominent dual headlamps is a very narrow air inlet in luxurious black. Beneath this is a very clearly designed area in car color. This narrow double band of the black radiator grille and bumper painted in car color, defined by sharp lines, will be used to identify other new models in the future.

In the lower section of the front end, the image is marked by a central air inlet in black with its diamond-shaped pattern, and to its left and right the integrated turn signal and fog lamps. Incidentally, besides the New Beetle, the Scirocco is the only other Volkswagen to sport the VW emblem, not on the radiator grille, but on the engine hood instead.

Side profile

VW SciroccoIf you run your hand, first over one of the headlamps, then over the fender and a door, you will notice that the profile curves alternate in direction. Depending on the perspective and incident light, these transitions on the sides of the car give it the appearance of a moving muscle.

The powerful image is reinforced by the standard 17-inch wheels, which – due to the large track width (front 1,569, rear 1,575 millimeters) – are practically flush with the body.

Furthermore, it is the hidden B-pillar, the line of windows that rises steeply toward the rear, and the conspicuously striking C-pillar that – together with the long roof line that appears to be endless – convey a very unique presence and dynamics. In the rear area, an integrated roof spoiler offers another plus in dynamics and additional downforce at the rear axle.

Set in very clear counterpoint are the sculpturally shaped taillights that are also eye-catching and prominent from the side view.

Rear end

Scirocco - exterior design studyThe sculptural form of the wide taillights is most apparent when viewed from the rear. Here, the car’s character is defined by the ratio of proportions between the roof and shoulder section and thereby the car’s waist. It is sharply contoured, since the roof runs significantly narrower than the overall body.

These stylistic traits produce a design typical of a very powerful and significantly more expensive sports car. In any case, the really wide track actually looks even
wider than it is.

Scirocco - exterior design studyFrom the rear, the C pillars cannot be made out,
since the rear window extends across the entire vehicle width.

The overall design of the rear end – broader, with heftier bumpers plus a wide wheel track, the roof line and roof spoiler, plus wide wraparound rear window – all lend an exceptionally powerful image to this car.

Interior Design

VW Scirocco - InteriorThe Scirocco is a full-fledged four seater: two adults can be seated comfortably in the rear.

Even when a 1.90 meters tall driver adjusts the seat, there is still plenty of knee room in the back.

Similarly to the new Passat CC, the cockpit has four sport individual seats.

Providing for a high level of safety are the headrests that are permanently mounted to the seatbacks in the rear.

The front sport seats include an Easy Entry feature for easier entry and exit of the rear passengers.

Specifically, when the seatback of a front seat is unlatched, the seat moves forward; afterwards, it automatically returns to its preset position.

VW Scirocco - InteriorA “Lifestyle seat upholstery and trim” is available as an option: it includes Alcantara appointments and the leather upholstery and trim “Vienna”, the latter in the colors “Titanium Black” or “Truffle”.

The cargo area offers a volume of 292 liters that can be raised up to 755 liters if the seatbacks of the rear individual seats are folded down.

The center console with its controls arranged at
a high level exhibits a refreshingly clear layout. Arranged directly beneath the two center air vents is the audio system.

The multimedia system includes a MP3-capable CD player and changer. The top navigation system model features a 6.5-inch touchscreen and a 30 gigabyte hard drive.

(Source: Volkswagen)

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