Hyundai HED-5 i-mode Concept

Concept Cars 6 Mar 2008
Hyundai HED-5 i-mode Concept

The Hyundai HED-5 “i-mode” concept is a six -seater MPV carrier which previews a future production model and showcases advanced materials and a high-tech interior with a lounge atmosphere and a swivel passenger seat.

Hyundai HED-5 Concept i-modeThe Hyundai HED-5 "i-mode" concept is powered by a 215-hp 2.2-litre diesel engine with two-stage turbocharging, coupled with a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Among the main features is the extensive use of advanced materials developed by Bayer MaterialScience AG.

These include self-healing water based bodywork finishes, the new “BayVision” glazing system and Collimator headlight lenses made from Makrolon®, the same material used for the glazing surfaces, enabling the car to have extended transparent areas while reducing the total weight..


Hyundai HED-5 Concept i-mode - Side viewThe front end features the hexagonal shaped grill, which symbolises the new brand identity for Europe and demonstrates the consistency in developing a coherent design language.

The cabin can be accesse throuh the special opening system with rer-hinged rear doors and ithout the B-pillar.

The interior features six single seats and gives the impression of a lounge compartment, representing the concept of a social space, where all occupants can travel in comfort, surrounded by sophisticated technology.

This concept is enhanced by the ‘Swivel Seating’ concept, developed by Keiper.

Hyundai HED-5 Concept i-mode - Swivel seatingThanks to the power-operated kinematic system, the first row passenger seat rotates to face second and third row occupants. When the seat is turned, the backrest converts into a comfortable seat surface.

The integrated seatbelt system – another technically advanced debut – and the adjustable headrest maximize passive safety for passengers in either sitting position. The second row bench slides rearwards to increase comfort and create a social area.

The seats are upholstered with "Cognac" leather cushions feature a modern design with a lacquered seat structure that contribute to the "lounge" atmosphere.

Hyundai HED-5 Concept i-mode - InteriorThe light beige headliner, which continues through into the pillars, provides the interior with a floodlit, almost roofless panoramic appearance.

The multimedia system developed by LG Electronics offers passengers access to the web, video games, movies or video calling, through the pop-down touch-screen displays and webcams, located within the overhead console.

A wireless network enables a selection of cable-free keyboards, game controllers and headphones to further personalise the entertainment experience.

Technical features

R Diesel with Two-Stage Turbocharging

i-mode is powered by a new 2.2-litre R diesel engine which first passes the intake air through a low-pressure turbocharger from where it is forced into a high-pressure turbocharger for maximum boost: 158kw (215ps) and 47kg.m of peak torque (461 Nm).

The R Engine has a power density in excess of 70kw per litre and a low-end torque of 30kg.m, much greater than the the 19kg.m of low-end torque delivered by the standard R Engine.

Mass production of the R Engine is scheduled to begin with the standard (single turbocharged) version in 2009 with the dual-stage turbocharged edition arriving in the first half of 2011.

(Source: Hyundai)

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