Land Rover LRX: concept in black

Concept Cars 4 Mar 2008
Land Rover LRX: concept in black

At the Geneva Motor Show Land Rover presents a new black and silver version of its LRX Concept, designed to highlight the car’s suitability for contemporary personalisation.

Land Rover LRX Black ConceptThe black and silver version of Land Rover’s LRX cross-coupe concept will be on display alongside the original white LRX revealed earlier at NAIAS, Detroit in January.

"With its metallic black paintwork, silver roof and precisely detailed exterior features, the second version of the LRX concept is designed to show how well the vehicle can deliver a contemporary example of personalisation," says Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s design director. 

"The LRX concept already has an abundance of character, but you can tune the appearance to reflect a customer’s own personality and lifestyle.  Clever use of colour and subtle additional details enable the vehicle to be tailored to suit an individual’s style, without compromising the clean design of the LRX," he adds.

Land Rover LRX Black ConceptNo production plans have been confirmed yet for the LRX concept, and both versions will now be used to gauge public, dealer and media response to Land Rover’s cross-coupe concept, as well as its interesting new opportunities for vehicle personalisation.

Using lightweight material technologies, Land Rover has developed a series of bespoke features for the black and silver LRX that add to the vehicle’s individuality and flexibility. 

The removable carbon composite roof panel contrasts with the silver-coloured roof, and has integral anchor points for fixing snowboards and other sports equipment. 

The sleek black roof bars provide another option for roof-top loads, and a compact step above the rear bumper provides for easy roof-top access.  More carbon composite is used for the protective underbody plates at front and rear.

Land Rover LRX Black Concept Land Rover LRX Black Concept

Additional elements are the new, lightweight alloy wheels with unique-design tires and the resilient mouldings on bumpers and sills, designed to protect the vehicle in either urban or off-road situations.

Land Rover LRX Black Concept Land Rover LRX Black Concept

"The black and silver LRX shows a real world breadth of capability.  Its all-terrain ability, extra protection and load-carrying versatility help emphasise that it’s an authentic Land Rover, while its compact dimensions, agile handling and efficient powertrain make it a practical proposition for everyday driving," says Phil Popham

(Source: Land Rover)

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