Trioba 2+1 Concept

New Designers 3 Mar 2008
Trioba 2+1 Concept

The Trioba 2+1 Concept is an electric vehicle with a 2+1 seating layout aimed at enhancing interaction among passengers. It was designed by Shashwath Bolar, who graduated from Coventry University with a MA in Automotive Design.

Trioba 2+1 ConceptThe Trioba 2+1 concept is based on Shashwath Bolar‘s MA Automotive Design final research project "How does a 3 seat car enhance and affect exterior design” which provided a seating layout analysis, its effects on the exterior design and on the social interaction among passengers.

The research, which included real-life tests, investigated many parameters such as social space, physical distance, eye contact, perceived safety, communication and comfort.

Once the seating layout was established the exterior was designed around it.

Clay model Clay model Trioba 2+1 Concept - sketches

Trioba 2+1 ConceptThe exterior design was inspired by organic shapes from nature and resulted into an asymmetrical body, hence the name Tri-OBA (‘Organic Biomorphic Asymmetric’).

Among the design elements are asymmetrical body panels and hood, which create highlights and provides space for boot and a spare wheel.

The passenger side has an asymmetrical gull-wing door for easy access to the cabin.

The electric powertrain is coupled with rear-wheel-drive transmission and Li-ion batteries.

The glass surfaces can be changed both in opacity and color thanks to the Poly Vinyl Butyl (PVB) used in the production of laminated glass.

About the designer

Trioba 2+1 Concept - sketches Trioba 2+1 Concept - sketches

Shashwath Bolar was born in in India in 1982.

He holds a BEngg (Meh) from RCVE (B’lore, India) and graduated from Coventry University with a MA Automotive Design (2006-2007).

Among his professional experiences are collaborations with Solutia inc, Illinois and Fiat Group (2007),
projects for Digital Juice Animation Pvt Ltd, India (2006) and a design Internship at Tata Elxsi (IDE), Bangalore, India.

Contact details

Clay model Clay model Painted clay model

(Image Courtesy: Shashwath Bolar)

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