Burton Elementz Kitcar Concept

New Designers 26 Feb 2008
Burton Elementz Kitcar Concept

The Elementz is a concept Kitcar based on the Citroen 2CV platform and created by Rob Wolkers, an engineer from Netherlands. It has won the Burton Design Contest 2007 and the SolidWorks Product Design Contest 2007.

The Elementz concept by Rob Wolkers was selected among 60 entries and resulted the grand winner of the design challenge started by Burton Car, a Dutch kitcar maker.

SolidWorks model SolidWorks model SolidWorks model

More recently it was awarded the first prize in the Model category at the SolidWorks Product Design Contest 2007 (see above pictures).

Burton Elementz Kitcar Burton Elementz Kitcar

The Elementz is based on the Citroën 2CV frame and engine. As Rob explains, "my design key was maximizing the fun and driving-experience. To get the most of those out of this platform it is kept as light as possible and extremely open to make it a sensational ride."

Burton Elementz Kitcar Burton Elementz Kitcar Burton Elementz Kitcar

About the designer

Rob Wolkers is an engineer at
Naber Plastics B.V., a
Netherlands-based plastics injection-molding company, specializing in the production of multimedia packaging.

For more information visit www.robwolkers.com.

Burton Elementz Kitcar Burton Elementz Kitcar

(Image Courtesy: Rob Wolkers)

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