Corvette Z03 Concept

New Designers 22 Feb 2008
Corvette Z03 Concept

The Corvette Z03 Concept by Ugur Sahin is a sportscar based on the Corvette Z06 platform.The goal of the project is to start a limited production of 100 units within 2008.

The Corvette Z03 Concept is the first project by newly-estabilished Sahin’s studio, which aims at producing limited series of higly customized exclusive sportscar based on existing platforms.


Design sketch by Ugur Sahin Design sketch by Ugur Sahin

In regards to the design influence, the cars designer Ugur Sahin comments: “As a designer, the most important goal of this project was to be able to determine the correct balance between the past and the present design language of the Corvette brand.

Corvette Z03 Concept Corvette Z03 Concept Corvette Z03 Concept

The exterior design Corvette Z03 Concept includes many of the styling cues featured on Ugur Sahin’s Ferrari Dino Concept, which proved extremely successfull in terms of public comments.

The designer’s point of view

Design sketch by Ugur Sahin“After studying the brand identity and the history of Corvette, I was able to create a definitive “feel” which obviously was the fundamental of the project.”

From this point of perspective I started my first very rough ideation sketches to visualize my ideas.

At this stage one thing was very clear. Older C3 Corvettes had that “something” most of us would find difficult to describe, some kind of sexiness and mysterious looks.

For some, it was those headlights invisible when standing still that made him quite the macho, for some the pointy nose giving him its aggressive stance.

For me it was all about the proportions. Despite being somehow exaggeratedly proportioned, it had those muscular lines and wavy curves that made him stand out in the crowd.

1973 Chevrolet Corvette Singray 1981 Chevrolet Corvette
Above: the main inspiration came from the Corvette C3 (1967-1982) – Left: the 1973 Corvette Stingray – Right: the 1981 Corvette

Design sketch by Ugur SahinWith these impressions in mind, I tried to combine lines and shapes to create a car with clean surfaces. Another very important issue was to control the balance of details to achieve a clean overall look.

The last thing I wanted to do was to create a car that is overwhelming with over the top design elements and details. This obviously reflects on the silhouette, on the rear and the front of the car.

Inspired by the C3, I recognized the air intakes in the front bumper as an important styling cue, and then tried to define a modern interpretation of them. The same happened for the shape of the hood.

I wanted the profile to visually look like the front and the rear of the car seamlessly merge into each other , so I added the aggressive line work of the side air outlets.

Similar lines are used for the air intake on the rocker panels. I believe the lines match each other in a very coherent manner making the side of the car look quite aggressive but somehow pleasant to look at.

The rear end consists of some elements which makes a Corvette recognizable, like the round taillights. The shape of the exhausts tends to match the lines of the rear back.

Corvette Z03 Concept Corvette Z03 Concept Corvette Z03 Concept


Ferrari Dino Concept - Side view The 2007 Ferrari Dino Concept by Ugur Sahin

Based on the Corvette Z06, the Corvette Z03 Concept features a new carbon fiber body – that allows for a weight reduction of about 100 lb – and major modifications to the engine, suspensions and interior.

Axel van Mourik, a working partner in the company, says “This is a chassis that has proven to be an extremely competitive package on public roads and even more so on the professional race circuit with victories in both the American Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans”

Set to be produced in 100 units, the Z03 will be offered with a choice of three engines, ranging from 500 to 750 hp.

Design sketch by Ugur SahinThe most powerful unit will be equipped with a Tial/Garret turbocharger with liquid cooled ceramic bearings.

Each customer will be able to choose personalized touches such as custom mixed paint and upgraded interior treatments including gauges, dashboard and specific Recaro seats.

Details on pricing and availability will be revealed within March 2008 and first production vehicles are set to be delivered to the US market late in 2008.

Technical partners of the project include Flybrid Systems, Modesi Design, Fischer Motorsports, Kirkham Motorsports and former Corvette chief engineer Dave McLellan.

Corvette Z03 Concept Corvette Z03 Concept Corvette Z03 Concept

About Ugur Sahin Design

Ugur Sahin Design was founded in the summer of 2007 by Axel van Mourik and Ugur Sahin.

They currently plan to position the company in the high-end market of limited edition vehicles utilizing existing manufacturers’ chassis and the Corvette Z03 Concept is their first project.

Ugur Sahin’s past projects include the Audi Locus Concept and the Ferrari Dino Concept.

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(Image Courtesy: Ugur Sahin Design)

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