Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept

New Designers 21 Jan 2008
Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept

Created by UK-based design company Motorcity Europe, the MC1 is a mid-engined supercar concept with carbon monocoque body, scissor doors and a design that blends sculptural and animalistic graphics. A production release is planned for 2011.

Motorcity Europe MC1 ConceptThe MC1 is intended as a ‘production concept’ program, and will be under further development by a yet to be announced UK coachbuilder.

With a total length of 4,503 mm, a width of 1,905 mm and a height of 1,150 mm, the MC1 Concept sits on 20" front and 21" rear wheels.

It will be powered by a V10 engine capable of delivering 600 hp, with performance figures to be announced closer to launch date.

The estimated production release date is 2011.

MC1 Concept - Rendering MC1 Concept - Rendering MC1 Concept - Rendering


Motorcity Europe MC1 ConceptThe design, with its Jet Fighter winglets and classic Supercar motifs, will have a carbon monocoque body and scissor doors.

From the plan view, the MC1 is a blend of full sculptural and animalistic graphics.

Elegant forms are also prominent along the entire centre line of the vehicle. The rear, by contrast, is more geometric with floating functional details and deep set, hidden lamps.

"This first concept was digitally produced in only 3 months time from a single sketch and a basic package", explains MCE Director Dave Hilton.

Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept - Front view Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept - Rear view Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept - Top view

"Initially I wanted to demonstrate that, in a short time, one Designer can create and build a fresh design which is still possible for street development.

Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept"This has helped immensely in order to quickly sell the concept, under limited budget constraints. In terms of future Design, I believe we are going to see more dynamic and sculptural surfaces executed with a much higher demand on perceived and real quality elements".

Speaking about the methods involved in the design process, Dave Hilton adds: "I use Alias and then RTT DeltaGen to create and visualize the vehicle designs in a realistic environment.

"During the development process of a car design, it is difficult to get realistic shots and animations of a product that is either in clay or 101 pieces.

"Regardless of the program status, we still critically use digital surfaces to communicate between the clay model and Engineering.

Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept

"These surfaces can then be droped into DeltaGen and made believable for client presentations at any stage of creation. This is vital to both sell a project and keep it alive."

Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept - Rear end Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept - Front end Motorcity Europe MC1 Concept

MC1 Concept – Video Animations

About Motorcity Europe

Founded in January 2000, Motorcity Europe currently works with several European and Asian OEM’s on both concept and production levels of Automotive Design Styling. The design team include 10 designers from the UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and the US.

Dave Hilton Sketches by Motorcity Europe Sketches by Motorcity Europe
Left: MCE Director Dave Hilton – Center and right: misc. sketches

MCE Director David Hilton’s design credentials include such vehicles as the Focus RS and ST, production sports cars for C2P-UK, the L-GT Supercar, and co-designer of 2007 Car of the Year S-Max.

Other client works include: TATA motors, Kia-Hyundai, Ssangyong, PSA Peugeot, Thyssen Krupp and VW.

For more information visit

(Image courtesy: Motorcity Europe)

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