Fiat Fiorino: the design

Production Cars 28 Dec 2007
Fiat Fiorino: the design

Developed by Fiat in partnership with PSA, the new generation of the Fiorino commercial vehicle combines compact dimensions with a a high loading capacity and a dynamic design. The passenger version will be unveiled during 2008.

New Fiat FiorinoDeveloped from a joint venture between Fiat and PSA, the Fiorino is produced at the Tofas plant in Bursa, Turkey.

Among the main features is the loading area, which has a volume of 2.5 cubic metres (2.8 if the passenger seat is folded down).

The internal length is over 1.5 metres (almost 2.5 m with the passenger seat folded down).

The load capacity is up to 610 kg (including the driver), depending on the verisons.

The new Fiorino is available with two Euro 4-compliant engines: a 1.4 gasoline engine (73 bhp) and the turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet (75 bhp).

A passenger version will be launched during 2008.

From the official Press Release:


New Fiat FiorinoThe design is based on an innovative idea: to create a vehicle whose external dimensions are more compact than those of commercial vehicles in the 1B “small van” segment, but that is equally spacious and functional, inexpensive to run and attractively priced.

With an original, dynamic style, the Fiat Fiorino is 3.86 metres long, 1.72 m high and 1.71 m wide. Thanks to these compact external dimensions it can handle any city centre with ease, partly because of its turning circle of just 9.95 metres.

It has a sturdy front end with a distinctive personality, blending harmoniously into the rear section with square lines that accentuate the idea of a solid, robust vehicle.

New Fiat FiorinoThe van also has a large cargo bed and is easy to load. The racy lateral lines make for very dynamic styling (the panel versions have completely smooth sides, ideal for customising with advertising stickers). The large, rounded bumpers and side strips ensure maximum protection for the vehicle, especially against impacts at low speed.

The front end is enhanced with bumper guards and the original design of the large headlights that blend harmoniously into the bodywork. The hood creates continuity with the windscreen and reflects the curvy shape of the bumpers.

The racy lateral line and smooth sides give the new Fiorino an extremely dynamic look. The protective side strips and vertically-positioned handles on the sliding doors are durable and solid.

New Fiat FiorinoThe windowed versions have a single flush window surface while the smooth space on the panel versions allows for easy customisation.

The square lines of the rear section instantly give the idea of great capacity and ease of loading, thanks to the very low loading sill, double rear doors and sliding side doors, available in glazed or panel versions.

The new Fiorino is a robust, practical vehicle but is also attractive to look at, as can be seen from the wide range of available colours. There are 10 external finishes and a long list of non-standard colours mainly for specific customers. As far as the interiors are concerned, there are two types of upholstery featuring different contrasts and fabrics.

New Fiat Fiorino - blueprint dimensions New Fiat Fiorino

Special attention has also been paid to the aerodynamics – something which is very important for commercial vehicles considering the impact it has on performance, consumption, noise but also style.

The shape of the new Fiorino was first studied using computer simulations and was then subjected to numerous wind-tunnel tests. The shape of the wing mirrors, front lights and rear spoiler gives the vehicle an excellent drag coefficient of 0.31 and an excellent front-end Cx result (0.828 m2), placing the Fiorino at the top of its class.

New Fiat Fiorino New Fiat Fiorino New Fiat Fiorino

The loading platform has a volume of 2.5 cubic metres (2.8 if the passenger seat is folded down). All this available space can be exploited to the full, thanks to an internal length of 1.523 m that becomes almost 2.5 metres if the passenger seat is folded down: amazing if we consider that the vehicle’s external length is less than 3.9 metres. Added to a load capacity of 610 kg (driver included), this makes the Fiorino a new standard of reference.

New Fiat Fiorino New Fiat Fiorino

(Source: Fiat)

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