LA Design Challenge: Honda 124 Solar Hybrid

Concept Cars 11 Nov 2007
LA Design Challenge: Honda 124 Solar Hybrid

The solar-hybrid powered Honda 124 (1-to-4) is an energy efficient, fully robotic commuting solution, designed for futuristic urban environments. The body panels can be reshaped thanks to molecular engineering.

The 14 Solar Hybrid is Honda’s entry for the 2007 Los Angeles Design Challenge, based on the theme “Robocar 2057”.

  • Honda Research & Development
  • Design Team: Ben Davidson, Khrystyne Zurian, Shae Shatz
Honda 124 Solar Hybrid sketch Honda 124 Solar Hybrid sketch Honda 124 Solar Hybrid sketch

From the official Press Release:

Honda 124 Solar Hybrid - design panelThe context: a suburban community re-population movement in the 2050’s has increased consumer demand for a truly flexible commuter vehicle.

The solar-hybrid Honda 14 solves the carpooling dilemma because it allows carpoolers to take advantage of HOV lanes, share commuting costs and once near the passengers’ final destinations, robotically transforms from one to four separate and unique modes of transportation.

Through a combination of gyros, artificial intelligence and molecular engineering, each individual vehicle instinctively reconfigures as a fully functional vehicle.

When traveling as one, the division points are undetectable. The latest advancements in molecular engineering allow the body panels to divide and reshape to form each individual vehicle.

(Source: LA Auto Show)


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