Ford Model T 2008 by David Beasley

New Designers 26 Oct 2007
Ford Model T 2008 by David Beasley

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Ford Model T, designer David Beasley has created a possible reinterpretation of the legendary car, featuring a design inspired by modern architecture and proposed in different body variants.


Ford Model T 2008 by David Beasley - CoupeWith the success of the Mini and of the new Fiat 500, ‘halo’ products can be a life saver for OEM’s. Ford knows this is a possibility: the GT and Mustang have given Ford the drive to give the customer the emotional products they want and deserve.

As David explains, "2008 bears a special date for Ford – the 100th birthday of the Model T. For this reason, I believe that the perfect time to replace the Ka or Fiesta and give the customer an affordable ‘halo’ product is next year."

"I have designed this around contemporary architecture and graphic influences with the intention of creating a fresh yet heritage inspired design."

The proposal by David includes a 2+2 ‘dickie’ coupe, a 2-seater pick-up and a more versatile and practical 4-seater wagon. They all could be offered in combination "with the accompanying emotional lifestyle products to inspire the end user."

About the Designer

Ford Model T 2008 by David Beasley - PickupDavid Beasley has a Master in Design from Coventry University and a Master in Art from the Royal College of Art.

Former Land Rover sponsored student and consultant designer, ex BMW Advanced and Mini designer, he was responsible for the interior design concept and interior/exterior detailing of the Mini Concept at Frankfurt 2005.

He has worked as a freelance designer for Electronic Arts, Pinewood Studios, and several consultancy firms and has recently been employed at Pininfarina in Turin.

He can be contacted for a full CV and Portfolio at

(Image courtesy: David Beasley)


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