Renault Neptun Concept

New Designers 19 Oct 2007
Renault Neptun Concept

The Renault Neptun is a luxury coupe concept vehicle inspired by sea waves. The author is Romanian designer Dragos Pop.

The design of the Neptun is inspired by the movements and the power of sea waves. The main goal of the fluid and strong lines and exterior proportions is to express power and distinction.

Renault Neptun Renault Neptun
Renault Neptun - design sketches Renault Neptun - design sketches

As Dragos explains, "When I started to work on this project I tried to capture the spirit of a powerful sea wave, that is beautiful to look at, but powerful enough to demand respect."

"That is why I named it Neptun, after the Roman God of the Sea."

The Neptun is targeted to upper-class customers, who want their car to be elegant and refined without being too eye-catching.

"The probable competitor products would be the Mercedes SLR and the Aston Martin Vanquish."

The 3d modelling was done using 3D Studio MAX and V-Ray, with some post processing work in Photoshop.

Renault Neptun Renault Neptun Renault Neptun
Renault Neptun Renault Neptun Renault Neptun

About the Designer

Dragos Pop is 26 years old and lives in Bucharest, Romania.

He’s been studying arts since the 5th grade. He graduated in Industrial Design at the Art and Design Univercity in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In 2006 he received a Master Diploma in Design from the same Institute.

Among his professional experiences are three years spent as a furniture designer and a collaboration with Castagna Milano (2007).

He is currently working as a concept graphic artist for Advanced Mobile Applications, and is looking for an opportunity in the automotive industry.

Contact details

  • Tel.: +40 749 533 466, +40 788 325 198
  • E-mail:

(Image Courtesy: Dragos Pop)

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