BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid

Concept Cars 4 Oct 2007
BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid

The Concept X6 ActiveHybrid showcases BMW’s latest hyrbid technology, which combines an internal combustion engine with two electric motors and offers a wide range of driving and transmission modes.

Hybrid powertrain

BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid - Engine compartmentThe powertrain combines an internal combustion unit with two compact electric motors and a transmission that uses fixed transmission ratios.

These drive systems are connected to one another by three planetary gearsets allowing a power split to offer two transmission ranges – respectively optimized for low and high speeds – with a high level of variability.

The car can be driven on electric power only,
on the combustion engine alone, or with a combination of both power units.

Depending on driving conditions, the electric motors may also be used for both accelerating and Brake Energy Regeneration.

BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybridThe system also comprises a high-performance battery and power electronics with an integrated inverter module.

The two-mode active transmission is based on an ECVT electrical continuously variable transmission.

In the power split drive mode, one of the two electric motors acts as a generator, converting some of the engine’s power into electrical current subsequently fed to the battery
or the second electric motor.

The second electric motor then converts such power coming from the first electric motor or from the battery back into mechanical power for the output drive shaft on the transmission. 

As a result, the Concept X6 ActiveHybrid features an average fuel consumption reduced by up to 20 per cent compared to a comparable BMW running on a combustion engine alone.

BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid


Compared to the standard Concept X6, exclusive design elements include door cutout strips with blue illuminated “BMW ActiveHybrid” marking and a contrasting colour scheme combining the paintwork with the dark window graphics confirm the special status of this vehicle.

BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid - Design sketch BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid - Design sketch

The underfloor protection panels front and rear are made of brushed aluminium. The the rear underfloor panel moves out when required and covers the tailpipes while driving
on electric power only. 

The light colour of the body forms a clear contrast to the dark window graphics, and the exclusive 21-inch wheels feature an innovative, three-dimensional rim design.  

BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid
BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid - Engine compartment
BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid
Above: the Concept X6 ActiveHybrid, and the "standard" Concept X6 (in black)

(Source: BMW)

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