VW Up! Concept: design images

Concept Cars 16 Sep 2007
VW Up! Concept: design images

A set of sketches, renderings, photos and additional information about the design process of the Volkswagen Up! Concept, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ralf-Gerhard Willner, Director of Concept Development, and Walter de Silva summed up the concept behind the Up!: “Absolute harmony of the basic technological
concept and the emotional aspects of the design
can only be achieved in a hard clash
of ideas between engineers and designers. That is the only
way to produce icons.”

From the official Press Release:

Exterior design

Volkswagen Up! Concept - design sketchThe rear position of the engine has a decisive
influence on the Up!’s exterior design.

It has no
classic radiator grille; dominant design characteristics
are the headlamps that take an inward and diagonal
line, between them the horizontally arranged air vents, the
VW logo (as one of the few details kept in chrome), the tailgate
that extends far forward and the smooth bumper with a
circumferential black stripe as a detail of the “happy face” that
is typical of Volkswagen.

At the rear, the tailgate
was produced using a transparent material. Under this gate
developers also integrated the high layout of the taillights.

Volkswagen Up! Concept - design sketchAnother feature that is technically and visually new is the location
of the VW logo in the tailgate; it is located behind glass and
illuminates when the light is on.

The rear bumper was designed
to match the “happy face” in front.

The powerful appearance of the up! is emphasized by a very wide track width (1.42 meters) relative to
vehicle width. The wheels are flush with the sporty outboard
wheel arches and side skirts.

The radial design of the wheels and
surfaces extending right up to the edge of the rim make
the 18-inch wheels appear significantly larger than they actually are.

VW Up! Concept - Clay Model VW Up! Concept - Clay Model VW Up! Concept - Clay Model
Martin Winterkorn (right), and Walter de‘Silva Walter de‘Silva with the full-scale clay model Walter de‘Silva and Klaus Bischoff, Head of Volkswagen Design Center

Volkswagen Up! Concept - design sketchThe wheels that are arranged far outboard in the bumper areas
reduce body overhangs to a minimum.

All of these features are
part of an unmistakable side profile with a very long roof arch as
well as clear and large surfaces.

Giving shape to its style here are
the large doors and the lateral window surfaces, which incline
sharply upward at the height of the rear wheel arch and thereby
help to form the very independent C-pillar design.

Interior design

VW Up! Concept - seating layout VW Up! Concept - seating layout VW Up! Concept - portable seat design

Inside, except for the driver’s seat, all other seats can be folded and

Since they are designed as light shells, they can be
quickly stowed in one of the cargo areas – besides the front
trunk there is also one in the rear – to free up space.

the entire passenger compartment length can be utilized as a
storage area for especially bulky objects.

To improve comfort, air can be sucked out
of the seat surfaces via a valve, so that seats can be
adjusted to the body anatomies of the occupants.

The Up! has two central displays: a 8-inch monitor
shows the driver key information and a 7-inch touch-screen monitor which reacts via proximity sensor to gestures, such as specific hand movements.

Volkswagen Up! Concept - design sketch VW Up Concept interior design

Chief Designer Klaus Bischoff comments: “[…] everything,
every detail, was thought out anew.
In the interior we have a
touchscreen with new proximity sensor technology for controlling
the navigation, radio, trip computer and climate control

"It is operated absolutely intuitively. As a result, the most
complicated functions can be controlled like child’s play.”

(Source: Volkswagen)

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