Seat Tribu Concept

Concept Cars 14 Sep 2007
Seat Tribu Concept

The Tribu Concept, unveiled by Seat at Frankfurt, is the first vehicle designed by Luc Donckerwolke and his team. With its bold grille, dynamic lines and the angular silhouette it previews the design direction of the brand’s next generation of models.

Seat Tribu ConceptThe Seat Tribu Concept is a dynamic-looking compact SUV and it is the first model wholly designed by SEAT Design Director Luc Donckerwolke and his team since his arrival at the Spanish brand from Lamborghini.

Exterior Design

According to Seat, "the Tribu signals an evolution of SEAT’s current design themes […]" by combining "elements of current SEAT aesthetics, such as a dynamic line on each flank and a bold grille, […] with a more angular silhouette."

"As with the Salsa in 2000, this concept car heralds the advent of a new wave of SEAT models."

Seat Tribu ConceptThe SEAT Tribu combines typical SUV features, such as a generous ground clearance and four-wheel drive system, with compact dimensions, three-door shape and sports-car-like detailing – such as 20-inch alloy wheels, prominent rear spoiler and dynamic lines.

"The dynamic line is even more pronounced than on current models: it begins at the front, like an eyebrow over the headlamp, and continues over the front wheel arch, sloping over the side towards the rear wheel."

Among the new design themes showcased by the concet are the trapezoidal shape of the headlamps, grille and air vents, and the new grille-mesh design with elongated hexagons, lend a powerful, assertive image to the newcomer.

Seat Tribu Concept - Interior Seat Tribu Concept

Seen from the front, the striking windscreen extends past the compact bonnet over the top of the car, becoming a panoramic roof that allows light to flood the interior, while enhancing the view of the outside.

At the rear, the light clusters are deceptively absent: they are hidden from view behind the imposing glass hatch and are visible only when the bulbs illuminate.

The 20-inch alloy wheels, fitted with 255/50 tyres, are laced with trapezoid shapes, echong the design themes of the car.

Interior Design

The Tribu is a four-seater, whose front bucket seats feature integrated seatbelts and independent heating circuits with vents at the back for rear seat heating.

Seat Tribu Concept - Interior Seat Tribu Concept - Interior

The rear seats can be folded forward to increase load capacity, and are separated by a console that doubles as an armrest or cupholder, complete with a handy integrated storage compartment.

Seat Tribu Concept - Side view Seat Tribu Concept - Headlight detail Seat Tribu Concept - Mirror detail

Within the dashboard, the Tribu has four screens, with a rev counter and a speedometer on two further dials to provide all the information needed for a safe, comfortable drive.  Three of the screens display different information according to the driving mode selected – Urban, Sport or Freerun. 

(Source: Seat)

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Seat Tribu Concept: design images

Seat Tribu Concept: design images

The official sketches and renderings released by Seat for the Tribu Concept, including additional information on the exterior and interior design.


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