Opel Flextreme

Concept Cars 14 Sep 2007
Opel Flextreme

The Opel Flextreme is a monocab concept vehicle powered by the E-Flex electric propulsion system. The exterior styling is based on the design language showcased by the GTC Coupe that debuted at Geneva 2007.

Opel Flextreme ConceptThe Opel Flextreme is equipped with GM’s E-Flex system, which uses an electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery, coupled with a diesel unit generator, that allows for a
55 km autonomy in electric-drive-only mode.

Among the main design elements are the rear-hinged back doors (FlexDoor®), a large transparent roof and two tailgate doors that open from the side and swing upwards.

An additional feature is the integration of two high-tech electric personal transporters (Segway Personal Transporters – PTs), modified to be packaged below the cargo floor, that can be charged along with the Flextreme’s batteries.

Opel Flextreme Concept These electric scooters provide up to a 38 km (23 miles) of clean mobility.

Technical Features

The 1.3 turbo-diesel onboard engine – not connected to the wheels – generates additional electricity to recharge the battery and extend the vehicle’s driving range.

The cylinders’ pressure-based closed loop technology is used to control the combustion process. 

Based on the current European test cycle for plug-in vehicles, the Flextreme is expected to emit less than 40 g of C02 per km.


Opel Flextreme ConceptThe 4796 mm long Flextreme takes the new design language debuted in the GTC Coupé at the Geneva Motor Show several steps further.

The Flextreme body’s key characteristics highlight the new elements of Opel design language: more sculpted surfacing molding, clear style elements such as narrow,
boomerang-shaped lights and sloping swage line in the side graphics.

The bottom edge of the windshield has been pulled far forward, so the hood with its characteristic crease is very short.

The integrated power socket in the cowl panel allows the car to be charged at any mains supply.

Opel Flextreme Concept Opel Flextreme Concept

The front grille are covered by lightweight transparent trim, which is made from polycarbonate to improve aerodynamics while maintaining visual aesthetics.

Opel Flextreme Concept Opel Flextreme Concept

Opel Flextreme ConceptThe same cover is adopted on the light alloy wheels, in order toavoid air turbulence.

The vertically oriented front lights slice up the front end in an unusual manner.

The boomerang shaped high tech LED headlamp unit houses lightweight crossbeam, fog lamps and air intake for brake cooling which are particularly small in comparison to current trends.

The optical illusion continues with the tail lights: at first glance, the concept car appears to have none. The curved rear lights are completely integrated into the tailgates and hidden beneath glass.

Opel Flextreme ConceptAll the windows, the windshield and a large part of the roof are made of light polycarbonate.

The panoramic windshield provides a light and spacious interior ambience and is reinforced by a spine-like composite structure that extends all the way to the rear floor.

Access to luggage compartment is through two butterfly rear tailgate doors that individually swing open upwards along the central axis of the vehicle.

This way the trunk is accessible from the side when parked tightly against a wall or another vehicle.

The FlexDoors system features
rear-hinged rear doors. The absence of the center roof pillar (B-pillar), creates a large opening when both doors on one side are open.


Opel Flextreme Concept - InteriorThe most eye-catching feature of the interior is the large panoramic display (size: 1.20 m x 0.10 m), located under the windshield.

It is made of different configurable fields, that can show the view from the side mirror-cameras, a complete all-around view of the car’s surroundings, or information about the car, radio, phone, etc.

A second touch-screen display on the center console features customizable one-touch buttons that provide easy access to the most used functions and controls.

Opel Flextreme Concept - Interior Opel Flextreme Concept - Interior

Flextreme interior honeycomb structureThe Flextreme’s interior makes exensive use of lightweight honeycomb structures: they can be found in the instrument panel’s lower portion, cabin floor, cargo floor and above the center tunnel where the lithium-ion batteries are located.

The lightweight seats are anchored to the car’s floor by a mono track rather than the usual two, creating more foot space in the rear.

The upholstery has some parts in fabric/mesh and corners made of especially soft material.

The steering wheel hub houses a full-size driver airbag packaged with a special vacuum technique that reduces its overall volume.

Among the additional features are the FlexLoad’s additional underfloor luggage compartment, the Flex7 Zafira’s seating system and the integrated rear carrier system FlexFix found in the Corsa and Antara.

Opel E-Flex System on Flextreme Concept – Technical Specifications


Electric propulsion with onboard Range Extender,
recharging via power grid

Battery system


Lithium Ion

   Energy content:

16 kWh (minimum)

   Peak output:

136 kW


320 to 350 V

Time to full charge:

3 to 3.5 hours at 220 V line voltage

Electric propulsion system

    Electrical peak output:

120 kW

   Peak torque

322 Nm


   Peak output:

53 kW


Four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine


1.3 liters

   Rated rpm:

1500 to 1800 rpm

   Peak rpm:

3200 rpm

   Tank capacity:

26 liters

Charging unit:



Power plug

   Voltage / Amperage:

220 V / 15 A

Range (pure electric propulsion):

55 km

C02 emissions / km

less than 40 g according to European test procedure ECE R101 for range extender vehicles

(Source: Opel)

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