Volkswagen Up! Concept

Concept Cars 13 Sep 2007
Volkswagen Up! Concept

Designed by Walter de Silva, the Up! Concept is a rear-engined compact four seater vehicle based on a new platform and drivetrain. It shows a new design direction with simple and iconic styling elements.

Volkswagen Up! ConceptThe Up! Concept is based on a completely new platform and drivetrain and marks the return to the rear engined layout once seen in the iconic original Beetle.

Measuring just 3.45 metres in length, the up! concept is intended as inspiration for a new family of small, efficient vehicles.


The up! concept, designed by a team overseen by Chief Designer of the Volkswagen Group, Walter de Silva, also marks the debut of a new styling direction with simple features while retaining the instantly recognisable Volkswagen ‘face’.

At the rear is a tailgate section constructed entirely out of a transparent material, inset into the centre of which is a glowing Volkswagen roundel.

Volkswagen Up! Concept Volkswagen Up! Concept

Walter de Silva commented: ‘The up! is not a car whose form will become obsolete within a very brief period of time.  The up! is a clear and strong statement for future Volkswagen design.’

Volkswagen Up! ConceptAccording to the Volkswagen engineering team was led by Ralf-Gerhard Willner, Director of Concept Development, the up! concept can be powered by a choice of compact two- or three-cylinder engines depending on the specific market. 


The interior can transport four adults, thanks to the space created by pushing each of the four wheels as far into the corners as possible, which also improves vehicle stability.

Each of the individual, lightweight passenger seats, which feature inflatable pockets to maximise comfort, can be folded and removed from the vehicle if necessary in order for larger loads to be carried.

VW Up! Concept - Interior VW Up! Concept - Interior

A software linked to a touch sensitive screen has the ability to sense specific hand movements of the user to access the climate, entertainment and vehicle function controls. 

A second screen, mounted ahead of the driver, relays critical information on the vehicle’s systems along with an instantaneous read-out of the amounts of CO2 being emitted.

Volkswagen Up! Concept - Debut at Frankfurt 2007 Volkswagen Up! Concept - Debut at Frankfurt
Above: The debut of the vW Up! Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show

According to Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member with Responsibility for Technical Development, ‘the response of Frankfurt Motor Show visitors will be a decisive test to determine whether the concept has the same kind of potential possessed by the Beetle at one time or by the Golf today.’ 

Volkswagen Up! Concept Volkswagen Up! Concept

(Source: Volkswagen)

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