Rossion Q1

Special Cars 20 Jul 2007
Rossion Q1

Ohio-based company Rossion Automotive has announced the debut of its Q1 supercar, built on a platform developed by Noble. The official release includes some photorealistic renderings of the upcoming sportscar.

Rossion Q1The move into production for the Rossion Q1 began after 1G Racing acquired both the intellectual and design rights for the Noble M400 and M12 platforms earlier this year in February.

Among the main technical features are a mid-mounted engine that delivers 450 hp and 400 ft lb of torque. The total weight is kept under 2,500 lb.

The 0-60 mph sprint takes 3.2 seconds, and the quarter mile time is 11.4 seconds. The lateral track skid pad is greater than 1g and the top speed is 185 mph.

Rossion Q1 Rossion Q1

Rossion Q1Interior equipment includes satellite navigation system, power mirrors, hand-stitched exclusive interiors, and high-grade sound system.

The Rossion Q1 will be hand built in a limited series at the same 380,000 square foot production facility the Noble M400 was produced.

The Rossion Q1 chassis will have a base price just under $69,000 (U.S.) minus drivetrain.

Owner completed cost with suggested drivetrain (base) will have a price of $90,700.

Initial orders are now being accepted for the Q1 with first deliveries set for later this year.

About Rossion Automotive

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Rossion Automotive is the distributor of high-performance component cars including the new Rossion Q1. For more information visit

Rossion Q1 Rossion Q1

(Source: Rossion Automotive)

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