Urban Camper Concept

New Designers 12 Jul 2007
Urban Camper Concept

The Urban Camper Concept is an original compact MPV that can be used for camping and caravanning activities. It was designed by Richard Ward, a Trasport Design graduate from the University of Huddersfield.

The micro compact home designed by Richard Horden and Associates was the key inspiration for the Urban Camper project as compact living was chosen the theme.

Urban Camper - Scale model
Urban Camper – scale clay model The Micro Compact Home designed by Richard Horden

The final concept is a compact commuter vehicle which was specifically design to target the younger generation and entice them back into the camping and caravanning market which is seen to have an image problem with regards to a young age group.

The vehicle is around the size of a compact MPV. It is designed to be used as an everyday commuter vehicle from Monday to Friday, "but when the weekend comes, it can be driven to the most remote rural areas and used as a form of accommodation."

The basis for the concept was to minimise the cost and size of such an activity, by combine both a car and caravan into one small and stylish package.

Urban Camper - Panel Urban Camper - PanelThe vehicle is designed for two people (the cabin contains two berths), but it also features two extra seats that can be used to accomodate extra passengers for short distances.

At the rear of the vehicle there is an area which holds compartments for storage, a sink and a toilet.

The toilet is accessed from outside and has its own canopy which rises from the roof to create the head room necessary to us it.  

The exterior of the vehicle has been designed asymmetrically to show that the vehicle has two purposes.

The driver’s side represents the urban commuter side with a single door for the driver.

Urban Camper rendering Urban Camper rendering Urban Camper rendering

Casa Mila (Mila House) by Antoni Gaudi

(Source: Essential-Architecture.com)

The passenger side represents the rural environment by having a large entry and exit area similar to conservatory doors which have been designed to make the carbine of the vehicle flow out in to the rural environment when the doors are open.

"The exterior form language and inspiration have come from the rural environment that the vehicle is to be used in and in keeping with the architecture theme from the beginning and has taken influence from the organic architecture movement and the specifically the work of the architect Antoni Gaudi."

The most influential architectural piece of Gaudi’s which used throughout the exterior was the Casa Mila in Barcelona.

About the designer

Richard Ward and his Urban CamperRichard Ward has completed his degree in Transport Design at the University of Huddersfield (2003-2007) receiving a 2:1 classification BA Hons with Professional Enhancement.

During his 3 year course he acquired a 13 month work placement/internship at TVR sport cars in Blackpool where he was responsible for designing the new interior for the Tuscan GT.

His major project will be exhibited at the New Designers event at the Business Design Centre in London (12th- 15th July 2007).

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(Image Copyright: Richard Ward)

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