Fiat 500: design images

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Fiat 500: design images

For the launch of the new 500 Fiat has released a set of sketches that show the exploratory stage in the design development process.

Below we report the gallery of the design sketches. The official photos and information on the new Fiat 500 will follow soon.

Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch

From the official Press Release:

Designed by the Fiat Style Centre and built in the plant in Tychy (Poland), the new 500 is a ‘3-door’ model with compact dimensions.

It is just 355 centimetres long, 163 cm wide, 149 cm tall and with a wheelbase of 230 centimetres. "A compact car that appeals immediately for its soft, rounded line."

Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch

"The ‘tomboyish’ looks bring a smile of complicity to drivers who have to tackle intense town traffic every day, with a lack of space and a frenetic lifestyle."

Design Process

To create the heir to a veritable icon of our times: this was the goal shared by the engineers and designers who worked on the new 500. And with this goal in mind, the Fiat Style Centre and Engineering & Design worked closely together, applying the most sophisticated methodologies, and putting into their work all the passion that a similar project demanded.

Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch

Like the Bravo before it, for the new 500, Fiat Automobiles achieved a level of integration between the set-up, planning and virtual verification methods during the product development process that is the state of the art in the motor industry, comparable only with the aeronautical sector.

Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch

Intensive use of virtual checks made it possible to assess a virtually unlimited number of design solutions rapidly and early on in the process, guaranteeing the best trade-off of performance, and strengthening the entire project. As a result, as with the Bravo, this kept development time for the new 500 to just 18 months, from the specification “freeze” to market launch.

Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch

Fiat Group has drafted a plan to implement new methodologies, which synergetically embraces all the automotive sectors and revolves around further development of virtual analysis methods; in parallel, the use of standardised components was increased, and new design references were adopted to optimise costs and to curb weights.

One of the first important stages in the development process that also brings in the competent Engineering & Design centres, is the co-called ‘feasibility’ stage, during which the preliminary Styling work is analysed by Engineering, to assess any technical problems that may be presented by the ‘dress’ covering the mechanical parts, some of which already existed, and which aspects of performance may be affected by the styling.

Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch Fiat 500 - Design Sketch

In practice, the first CAS (Computer Aided Styling) mathematical calculations, even without details such as cuts and mobile parts, seals, etc., are combined with already finalised platform calculations, so that the set-up and layout specialists can then ‘slice them up’ into specific sections zone by zone, to highlight the important dimensional parameters and decide how lines have to be adapted to house the components and to define the necessary operating spaces.

(Source: Fiat)


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