Ferrari Dino Concept

New Designers 22 Jun 2007
Ferrari Dino Concept

The Ferrari Dino Concept is a modern re-interpretation of the original Dino created by Ugur Sahin for Dubai’s "Wheels Magazine".

Following the gallery of proposals for a modern Ferrari Dino, we present an exclusive report of an interesting project made by designer Ugur Sahin for the Dubai’s “Wheels Magazine”.

Ferrari Dino Concept by Ugur Sahin Ferrari Dino Concept by Ugur Sahin

As Ugur Sahin explains “the goal was to create a car that feels stylish, modern, dynamic and organic while staying true to the original design language of the Ferrari Dino and Ferrari brand in general.”

Ferrari Dino Concept - Exploratory sketch Ferrari Dino Concept - Virtual clay model

“The main characteristic of the Dino Concept design is the way it looks similar to the original Dino. With very round styling elements around the wheelbases and its cockpit, it looks retro and modern at the same time.”

Ferrari Dino Concept - Black version Ferrari Dino Concept - Black version Ferrari Dino Concept - Black version

” […] It stays true to its original with the design of the rear and the front being rounded and avoiding the hard edges as much as possible.”

Ferrari Dino Concept - top front view Ferrari Dino Concept - Side view
Ferrari Dino Concept - rear view Ferrari Dino Concept - front view

One of the main differences between this concept and the original Dino lies in the new air intakes, that are characterized by an organic design.

About the Designer

Ferrari Dino Concept - top viewUgur Sahin is an automotive and industrial designer. He currently works for Netherlands-based Modesi.

He also works as a freelance designer in the 3D graphics and art fields – mainly with 3DStudio MAX and Final Render.

Among the web awards received is the second place in the “Concept car design contest” on with his Ferrari F-1000 concept.

On our page we presented his Lamborghini Spiga and Audi Locus design studies.


(Image Copyright: Ugur Sahin)

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