DesignerTechniques 2nd Competition: the winners

DesignerTechniques 2nd Competition: the winners

DesignerTechniques has announced the winners of its 2nd Design Competition, focused on a futuristic moon vehicle. The first three prizes were awarded to Mark Juhasz, Hrvoje Beslic and Ondrej Jirec.

Moon vehicle by Mark JuhaszThe 2nd edition of the Design Competition was started back in February, asking participants to create a moon recreational vehicle, developing their design with a wide range of sketches.

On 23 May 2007 DesignerTechniques has announced the results and published the winning entriesalong with extensive comments.

The winner is 17 years-old Mark Juhasz (Hungary).

His entry is the Susnyas Concept, an original vehicle that can move on the ground by means of revolving rubber cords and can fly thanks to a propeller-like device that – together with the organic exterior shape – has some reminescences of the Gungans’ Bongo submarine from "Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace" movie.

According to the Jury, "he had created a fresh and innovative solution to the brief, and had presented it in a clear, exciting and professional manner."

Moon vehicle by Hrvoje BeslicMark had already won the 2nd prize of the 1st edition of the Competition.

The second prize was won by Croatian Hrvoje Beslic, a 25-years old student at Art Academy in Zagreb.

His entry is a single-seater flying personal shuttle, with a design inspired by paper planes, Concorde and Space Shuttle.

"This was one of the most professionally presented entries we received, as well as rendered to an exceptionally high standard." the Jury commented.

The third prize was awarded to amateur designer Ondrej Jirec (18 years old, Czech Republic).

Moon vehicle by Ondrej JirecThe judges selected his work mainly for the good use of exploratory sketches.

"He has managed to explore many ideas, as well as influences, leading to a strong final design". Among the interesting styling cues is the design of the seats, inspired by a human figure.

Additional information and high-resolution images are available on DesignerTechniques.

The Jury Panel

  • Allan Macdonald is creator and editor of DesignerTechniques. He is a graduate of Coventry University Transportation design and has previously worked for ARUP, Rover, VW, and Volvo.
  • Mark Randall is a Coventry graduate who currently works at Volvo Trucks as an exterior designer.
  • David Beasley was Land Rover sponsored at both the Royal College of Art and Coventry University, and is currently freelancing for Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg and for other automotive companies.
  • Hirash Razaghi is a graduate of Umeå Institute of Design, and has worked for Concept group, Jaguar cars advanced design, LandRover advanced design and Volvo trucks.

(Source: DesignerTechniques)

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