Fiat Linea

Production Cars 4 May 2007
Fiat Linea

Fiat has released the official details about the Linea, its four-door sedan based on the Grande Punto that will be launched in many different markets including China and Brazil.

Fiat LineaUnveiled in Istambul during October 2006, the three-box Segment C saloon makes its market debut with a competitive price/contents ratio.

The Fiat Linea has an international vocation; it was designed by the Fiat Style Centre, with the aim of appealing to the public with uncluttered, smooth lines which confirm the new Fiat family feeeling (from the Grande Punto to the new Bravo), while offering a new reading of the stylistic elements of the Italian tradition in the saloon segment.

The new model has generous dimensions: it is 4.56 metres long, 1.73 metres wide, 1.5 metres tall and has a wheelbase of 2.6 metres, as well as a 500 litre luggage compartment.

Fiat Linea - Grande Punto comparison
Above: comparison between the Grande Punto silhouette and the new Fiat Linea

Fiat LineaComparing the Fiat Linea with the base model, the Grande Punto, apart from the completely new rear end, many differences can be found in the front section.

The design of the headlights has been completely changed and shows many similarities with the new Bravo. The rounded contours have been replaced by straight edges that – as well as for the tail lights – are in continuity with the fender/spoiler cutline.

The hood has a different curvature and its bottom edge now overlaps with the new chromed contour of the front grille.

The interior has a spacious and light-filled environment and is focused on comfort, roominess and practicality.

Fiat Linea - Interior Fiat Linea - Interior

The range of engines includes a gasoline unit (1.4 8v, 77 bhp) and a turbodiesel (1.3 Multijet 16v, 90 bhp with a variable geometry turbo), both combined with five-speed mechanical transmissions. The 120 bhp 1.4 16v Turbo from the new T-Jet family will be available at a later date.

Fiat Linea - Exterior designThe car was developed by Tofas A.S., the 50-50 joint venture between Fiat Auto and Koç Holding which is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

It will be manufactured in the plant in Bursa, Turkey in a volume of 60,000 units per year and will be marketed in a number of European and non-European countries, including Spain, Germany, Morocco and Finland.

At a later date, the Fiat Linea will also be manufactured in Brazil, India, China and Russia.

Fiat Linea - Exterior designAccording to Fiat’s plans, the Linea will play a strategic role in some of the emerging markets, including China, Turkey and Brazil.

From the official Press Release:


Designed by the Fiat Style Centre, the Fiat Linea features smooth, simple, uncluttered lines that give the car a dynamic, harmonious look.

The Fiat family feeling, inaugurated with the Grande Punto and continued with the Fiat Bravo, is combined with some sporty styling cues borrowed from the Italian GT tradition, like the sloping windscreen, the drop-shaped headlights and the large front end sporting the new Fiat logo .

Fiat Linea - Exterior designProposed with a single body type, the car conveys an impression of solidity, robustness and roominess, which is confirmed by the dimensions: it is 456 centimetres long, 173 cm wide and 150 cm tall, with a wheelbase of 260 cm, measurements that put it at the top of its category.

The imposing front end was designed with which respects pedestrian impact criteria.

The result, in terms of composition and shape, is therefore the outcome of painstaking analysis, and respects the new standards, which envisage rounder volumes, a wider bonnet and a tapered bumper structure, which is perceptible above all in the plane view, to reduce the area involved in an impact as much as possible.

Fiat Linea - Exterior designWhat is more, the windscreen and the bonnet are accentuated and homogeneous: because there is no distinct break between them (pronounced bonnet and sharply raked windscreen), they appear to be the continuation of the same line, a characteristic that highlights the dynamism of the Fiat Linea.

In line with the dictates of the new standards, the grille marks the dividing line between the bonnet and the front bumpers, and the latter taper off gradually until they meet the wheelarches.

A ridge starts from the foglights, which link up to the sides, and incorporates them, linking up again at the centre with the lower air intake.

Fiat Linea - Exterior designAnd finally, a rib between the headlight and the foglight makes the bumper look lighter and creates the same graphical motif.

The sleek, faired headlights which extend towards the sides of the car suggest dynamism and a strong Italian imprint (like the rear lights, they are made by Magneti Marelli – Automotive Lighting).

On the side the styling is cut through by a slash which starts from the middle of the wheelarch and dissolves into the rear, emphasising the car’s dynamic look.

The emphatic, robust, muscular wheelarches give the Fiat Linea a feeling of strength and solidity. And the same reassuring impression is conveyed by the rear end, with its elegant uncluttered line.

(Source: Fiat)

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