Citroen Cruiser Crosser by Sbarro

Concept Cars 7 Mar 2007
Citroen Cruiser Crosser by Sbarro

Developed by Citroën in partnership with Espera Sbarro Design School, the Cruise Crosser is an all-terrain concept vehicle with six wheels on three axles and a hybrid powertrain.

Sbarro Citroen Cruise Crosser ConceptBased on Citroën’s first SUV, the C-Crosser, that also makes its world debut at Geneva, the Cruise Crosser Concept invokes the spirit of the early 1900s when Andre Citroën,
the Company’s founder, captivated the world with a series of adventurous automotive expeditions across Africa and Asia, including the first motor crossing of the Sahara
in 1922. 

The Cruise Crosser features a hybrid drivetrain that combines a conventional diesel engine with an electric motor located under the rear floor.

When the electric third axle is used alone, it is possible to drive silently in ‘Zero Emission Vehicle’ mode.

Sbarro Citroen Cruise Crosser ConceptThe vibrant exterior colour scheme makes use of an intense orange body work with large red compasses located on either side of the vehicle.

The same chromatic tones are echoed throughout the interior, in the contours of the leather seats in rows one and two, on the dash and on the door panels.

The spacious cabin has a removable third row, that can be put away to create a large loading area.

The tailgate design makes loading easier, sand boards are stored at the rear to help extricate the vehicle from any tricky situations, while step plates on either side of the car offer easy access to the rear compartment.

The onboard entertainment system includes a satellite navigation system and DVD player.

Sbarro Citroen Cruise Crosser Concept Sbarro Citroen Cruise Crosser Concept

Sbarro Citroen Cruise Crosser ConceptAbout Espera Sbarro

Founded by Franco Sbarro in 1992, the Espera Sbarro School offers young car enthusiasts the chance to discover the automobile trade.

Students learn about different aspects including design, body work and mechanics and are encouraged to be creative.

(Source: Citroen)

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