Peraves MonoTracer

Special Cars 5 Mar 2007
Peraves MonoTracer

Designed by Swiss Company Peraves, the MonoTracer is a sporty two-wheeler with a closed cockpit for two passengers and retractable side wheels. It debuts at the Geneva Motor Show.

Peraves MonoTracerDefined by Peraves as a "cabin motorcycle", a new class of vehicles, the MonoTracer follows another two-wheeler, the Ecomobile, developed and tested by Swiss Company for 20 years, with 90 prototypes built and 12 million kilometers.

Compared with the Ecomobile, which had a pure-functional styling, the MonoTracer was designed with attention to details such as surface finish, selection of materials, joint tolerances etc. so that it can bear comparison with the best models from major manufacturers of both two and four wheeled vehicles.

Thanks to its “knee” (the retracted stabilizer tire) skimming the road, the MonoTracer can lean to about 52 degrees (under the right road conditions) and has a turning circle and corner speed comparable to those of top-of-the-range sports bikes.

Peraves MonoTracer - design detail Peraves MonoTracer - design detail Peraves MonoTracer - design detail

Pervaes Ecomobile Peraves Ecomobile

Peraves will produce the MonoTracer in a limited series of 100 units per year, with a price of 52,500 Euros (basic price without VAT).

The MonoTracer is based on a self-supporting composite-monocoque made from glass, kevlar and carbon weave
bonded with epoxy-resin and reinforced with strong aluminium crash and roll bars. Engine frame, steering head and stabilizer axles made from aircraft grade alloy steel.

The motorcycle-derived suspension system uses a front Marzocchi 50mm USD-fork and a rear Monolever shaft swingarm. 

The cabin can be accessed through a gull-wing door with integrated sunroof, located in the left side. A 200 liters baggage compartment is included.

Additional information are available on Peraves’ official website.

Pervaes MonoTracer Pervaes MonoTracer
Above: the clean surfaces and the side cutlines have some reminescences of the Audi R8 design language (on the right)

Technical Specifications


  • Length = 3.65m (12 ft.)
  • Width = 1.25 m (4 ft. 1”) with Stabilizers up, 1.40m (4 ft. 7”) with Stabilizers down
  • Height = 1.52m (5 ft.)
  • Dry weight: 460-485 kgs. (1014-1069 lbs.)
  • Maximum load: 685 kgs. (1510 lbs.)
  • 50 liter (14 US gallon) fuel tank

Pervaes MonoTracerPerformances

  • Acceleration 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) = 5.7 sec.
  • Top speed +250 kph. (155 mph)
  • Engine power output 96 kW / 130 HP at 8750 rpm, max. torque 117 Nm at 6750 rpm
  • Stopping distance: 100kph-0 = 43 meters (141 ft.)
  • Turning circle between walls 8.5 meters (28 ft.)
  • Fuel consumption (ISO 7118)
    • 4.15 liters/100km at constant 90 kph (57 mpg at constant 56 mph)
    • 5.05 liters/100km at constant 120 kph (47 mpg at constant 75 mph)


Pervaes MonoTracer Pervaes MonoTracer
  • Engine: 4 cylinder in-line BMW K-engine 1171cc, 16 valves, liquid cooling.
    Dry reinforced single plate clutch.
  • Controls: Motorcycle-type handlebars with extra functions.

    Clutch pedal, gear and stabilizer switches on left, integrated brake operation by right foot pedal, auxiliary brake lever and conventional throttle on right hand.
  • Transmission: Sequential PG-gearbox with 4 forward speeds and
    electrically locked reverse, shifted by push-button selector on left handlebar. Automatic clutch optional.
    Reinforced BMW shaft drive.
  • Brake system: 3 x 320mm brake discs with 4-piston-hydraulic callipers, fully integrated electronic
    ABS. Ceramic brake discs and brake pads, ASP anti spin control optional.
  • Computer-supervised electrically operated stabilizer servo system,
    with a deployment time of less than half a second  (Semi-automatic, hydraulically operated “softmode” system optional).

Equipment + Accessories

  • Contoured seats with 3-point automatic safety belts.
  • Interior lining in high-tech material with sound-absorbing padding.
  • Heating + ventilation system with ample flow and intake air filter.
  • Full air-conditioning optional.
  • GPS-RDS-4LSP-audio-system.
  • “Tempomat” cruise control, Bi-Xenon-lights, CD-players optional.

(Source: Peraves)

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