Lotus 2-Eleven

Special Cars 5 Mar 2007
Lotus 2-Eleven

Unveiled by Lotus Sport at Geneva, the 2-Eleven features a total weight of just 670 kg and a supercharged 1.8 liters engine delivering 252 hp. It will be sold in both road and racetrack versions starting from April 2007.

Lotus 2-ElevenThe Lotus 2-Eleven is based on
Colin Chapman’s philosophy of ‘Performance Through Lightweight’: with a total weight of just 670 kg (1,477 lbs) and thanks to its
supercharged and intercooled 1796 cc engine (252 bhp / 188 kw) it boasts a power to weight
ratio similar to that of a 1960’s Formula One car.

The Lotus 2-Eleven will be produced at Norfolk plant starting from April 2007.

It will be initially available in Launch Edition specification only, with a three-way Lotus Sport colour scheme complete with decal pack, and in two versions:

  • Road Going Version (UK Single Vehicle Approval), fitted with front and rear lights, exhaust catalyst, single plane rear wing and other items to
    achieve compliance with UK road legal requirements
  • Track Only Version, with an
    enhanced aerodynamics package including high downforce single plane carbon fibre rear
    wing, high downforce front splitter, brake lights and rear indicators and FIA approved driver’s
    race seat.

Lotus 2-Eleven on trackIn the UK the selling price (including VAT) will be £39,995, with the SVA version (Single Vehicle Type Approval) costing an additional £1,100.

Outside of the UK the 2-
Eleven is only available as a track-only option at about €50,000 excluding taxes.

Technical Features

The 2-Eleven is powered by a supercharged and intercooled 1796 cc engine with a maximum
power output of 255 PS (252 bhp / 188 kw) at 8000 rpm and a torque of approximately
242 Nm (179 lb/ft) at 7000 rpm.

The unit is equipped with the VVTL-i variable cam system ans a
Roots-type Eaton M62 supercharger. Four high capacity injectors and an up rated fuel pump
add additional fuel under hard acceleration or high speed driving.

Lotus 2-Eleven - EngineAn Accusump (engine oil accumulator unit) acts as an oil reservoir
back-up for extreme track use ensuring that the engine oil pressure
remains constant.
Twin oil coolers complete the powertrain package.

The transmission features a lightweight aluminium C64 six-speed gearbox (with an aluminium casing) and an open type differential. The
Lotus switchable Traction Control System (LTCS) works through the engine, reducing power
to maintain traction; it is active above 8 km/h (5 mph) and reacts much more quickly than
many brake-based systems.

The Lotus 2-Eleven uses a unique high-sided variant of the Lotus Elise lightweight chassis
featuring epoxy bonded aluminium alloy extrusions with modified Exige S based
running gear.

Safety features include a
glass fibre reinforced composite front crash structure, a high sill chassis for side impact
protection and an FIA compliant 6-point rollover
structure with integral harness mounts and lightweight galvanized steel rear sub frame
incorporating a further crushable structure.

Lotus 2-Eleven Lotus 2-Eleven

The Lotus 2-Eleven features all new ultra-lightweight (40 kg / 88 lbs) composite bodywork featuring core-mat technology. All external panels are bolted on for ease of removal,
maintenance and repair.



  • Fully independent suspension with unequal length wishbones; Öhlins 2-way adjustable
    dampers with coil over springs and Lotus Sport adjustable front anti-roll bar.
  • Brake system: 288 mm cast iron cross drilled and ventilated discs, with Pagid RS14 sports brake pads set into the brake calipers (aluminium alloy AP Racing 2-piston
    at the front and Brembo single sliding piston at the rear)
  • Wheels and tires: 5-spoke lightweight forged black alloy wheels (front 7Jx16, rear 8J x 17), with Lotus
    Sport specific Yokohama A048 R LTS tyres (front 195/50 R16, rear 225/45 R17).


  • Max Speed 155 mph (250 km/h)
  • Max Power 255 PS (252 bhp / 188 kw) at 8000 rpm
  • Max Torque 242 Nm (179 lb/ft) at 7000 rpm
  • 0-60 mph 3.8 secs (estimated)
  • 0-100 km/h 3.9 secs (estimated)
  • 0-100 mph 9.1 secs (estimated)

(Source: Lotus)

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