Audi TT Concept

New Designers 9 Feb 2007
Audi TT Concept

We present an original Audi TT-based sportscar concept designed by Nikola Vargov. It is a compact mid-engine coupe with strong design references to Audi’s racing heritage and commitment to innovation.

Nikola Vargov is a 26-years old Bulgarian economist who is also a car design enthusiast since he was very young. The photos we are presenting illustrate his first foam model, in 1:5 scale.

Audi TT Concept by Nikola VargovThe car is a down-to-basics, Audi TT-based, 2-seat concept with the engine shifted in the back, before the rear axle.

Its relatively small dimensions (LxWxH: 4000 mm x 1850 mm x 1150 mm) presuppose a smaller engine and a smart, lightweight construction such as aluminium and composites.

According to Nikola, “The compact yet powerful VW’s W8 technology would make a perfect sense here.”

“Therefore, this car is more likely to be in the Lotus Exige and Noble segment rather than in the upper positioned Porsche Carrera, Ferrari 430 or even the new Audi R8’s.”

Audi TT Concept by Nikola VargovSpeaking about the exterior sytling, Nikola Vargov says “I set off with a short list of must-have design cues, which I wanted to incorporate without losing the brand identity – the Auto Union front grille, the extra windows in the doors, the humps which are also air intakes, roll bars and where part of the rear lights are placed as well as the strongly emphasized front fenders.”

“I wanted to offer something new and with strong reference both towards Audi’s glorious past and to the typical Audi’s research for innovation.”

The Le Mans styled roof top is removable, turning the car easily into a roadster and emphasizing its sweeping lines of the silhouette and the strong presence of the two humps.

The front and rear lights are deliberately left as small and as simple in form as possible. They have the same form and offer as much room as to fit LEDs.

Audi TT Concept by Nikola Vargov - Clay model Audi TT Concept by Nikola Vargov - Clay Model
Above: the original 1:5 scale foam model

Audi TT Concept by Nikola VargovThe wheels feature a distinct design and construction which is going to be patented by the author.

Their exterior look suggests the appearance of a butterfly, hence their name – The Butterfly Wheels.

About the Author

Nikola Vargov is a 26-year old Bulgarian resident who works as an economist. He is a car design enthusiast since the age of four.

He is currently setting up a portfolio, and he’s going to apply for a degree in Car Design at the Coventry University, UK.

Contact details:

(Images courtesy of Nikola Vargov)

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