Peugeot Concept LiiON

Peugeot Concept LiiON

The Liion Concept combines car and motorcycle design: it is a three-wheeler sporty vehicle, with a rear in-wheel electric motor and powered by Li-ion cells.

Peugeot Concept LiiON by Christian Sano (Roumania)

Peugeot Concept LiiONThe while design reminds of a lion, symbol of the Brand:
the front grill is the mouth,
the headlights are the eyes,
the Peugeot badge suggest a nose,
and the motorcycle like rear resembles a lion’s tail.

For the author, the leaning feature makes the car appealing to motorcycle riders as well.

For the body structure lightweight materials are foreseen: aluminium, carbon fiber,
and electrochromic glass to control the amount of light inside the cockpit.

The interior adopts sportswear materials (e.g. memory foams, air cushions, hexalite).

The steering wheel should look similar to the X-Box controller.

All the dynamic parameters can be controlled by a computer, which calculates the steering and leaning angles necessary at a certain speed and sends signals to a special
electromagnetic system, which controls shock absorbing and leaning.

Peugeot Concept LiiON Peugeot Concept LiiON

As a “videogame-vehicle”, the designer imagines an original “Jump” feature, enabled by a electrical current boost.

(Source: Peugeot Design Contest)

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