Chaparral of the future

Automotive Design 5 Jan 2007
Chaparral of the future

Winding Road Magazine has unveiled some design sketches created by GM’s design team that give a vision of a futuristic edition of the Chaparral racing car.

J Devine E Welburn ChaparralThe set of three sketches can be seen on the online article and on Winding Road’s latest issue (page 79), which also contains an exclusive test drive of the Chaparral 2E, the Continuation Series of the original racing cars from the early 1960’s .

These sketches were created by GM designers Jose Gonzales and Vladimir S. Kapitonov, under the supervision of Design Director Ed Welburn who is a huge fan of Chaparral race cars.

For more information about the Chaparral Cars, visit the official website.

(image on the right: GM Vice Chairman and CFO John Devine (right) and Ed Welburn stand with a Chaparral at the exclusive preview of the General Motors Heritage Center Friday, June 11, 2004 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.)

(Source: Winding Road)

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